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  1. Yeah Mexico is pretty brutal, especially Cancun where the cops know all the little kids have mom and dad's cash to spend. I never made it during college for SPring break but some of my friends went. I guess I was lucky cause someone I know got into an argument with a Mexican since the guy took his $20 bill that he dropped when taking his camera out of his pocket. Long story short they got into a fight and this kid fucked the mexican up. Cops brought him in and set his bail at $10k - cash. Parents had to fly out there and everything....very ugly. I saw a kid get arressted in Seaside for yelling at his friends since they were walking the wrong direction to the car. Cops said "Your arrested for being a public nuisance." Pathetic. I got in trouble for breaking a window by mistake; i paid the owner back the same week and it still took a shit load of money to get out of that mess. It sucks since most of the cops out there are our age, and they're "those guys" that had no life in high school so they take it out on the kids having fun. Yeah, get the kids who are fighting, but lets get real. No need to arrest every intoxicated person on the street. When i went to Seaside COurt I remmeber there was like 350 cases on the docket, at least 250 for underage drinking, and those are each AT LEAST $300 a pop. If you opt out of 1 day community service in Seaside it goes to like $400 a pop. Talk about a business; makes me sick.
  2. Club EXIT

    Was EXIT, ICON, or whatever the place is now called, sold to a promoter that has been working with Exit for a long time? Someone told me the head of NuLife Entertainment bought it. If anyone knows if it was sold, have any idea for how much?
  3. Studio 9

    When you say "producers i work with" does that mean you are an aspiring artist?
  4. what is your favorite cheesy old ktu song

    Someeeeeeeetimes the sound of goooooodbyee sounds louder than any drum beat.......or in that case her horrible voice. I've heard the basic vocal track of that song and even though Perpetous Dreamer put out a KTU banger, that chick may honestly be the worst singer on a commercial release.
  5. Only place I eat sushi is at Studio 4.
  6. Owner of Avalon?

    Who's the Asian guy that seems to be the head manager? He hooked my up one night with some drink tickets and said he was an owner.
  7. Owner of Avalon?

    Just a quick question. Couple of months ago I supposedly was bought a shot from an owner of Avalon, and I have seen him in various club pics. However, a staff member another time told me Avalon was being sold. Regardless, does anyone know who the general owner(s) of Avalon is and if it was ever sold and for how much. I've also heard that Bruce Willis is involved. Just curious, thanks.