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    Looking for a good paying job...Anyone got any ideas? email me at [email protected]
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  1. Vegas' Next New Hotspot!

    My name is Jason and I wanted to know if this new club is looking for any barbacks? I have experience in the food serving business and also with barbacking. I can be reached by email at [email protected] I live in Vegas near the strip and I am currently looking for work. I'm 26 and if you want send a response to my profile feel free. Thanks, Jason
  2. LaBete Now Drais Sister Club

    Darkvixon......anyway to get a local on the guestlist for Drais????? I got all the time on and usually have a good time. Can you email me at [email protected]?
  3. What is Up with Drais?

    About a month/month and a half, Drais started charging a lot of locals to get in. Used to never be like that...Anyways Drais was back to being packed this past Saturday night 7/23/05. Was there and had a blast. I miss Adam Webb spinning like back in the day...... Sweet to have upstairs bar serving $1 drinks right outside of Drais....Props to Barbary Coast. I will prob be at Ice for BT and then off to Drais Sat. 7/30/05....
  4. Rehab vs. Nirvana

    Those picture if I'm correct from Nirvana were Sunday July 17. After the wet T-shirtt contest that the girls holding the money are showing, a couple of bottles of Kristal were popped open where the contest was held. And with the contest, it seemed to kick off a whole new level of partying. Plus moonshine 7pm-10pm was in effect. People started really going crazy in terms of dancing and jumping up and down. Don't forget with house, and it spun hard people get energized and excited. Both pool parties are cool, but if one was on Saturday and the other on Sunday, damn Vegas would definetly be better on the weekends in the Summer. Green Valley Ranch at Wiskey Beach on Friday nights hold free pool parties 7-11 pm.