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  1. Have a great WMC

    got the phone - thnx
  2. Any suggestions on places to hit - peeps to contact? WIll be there for 2weeks (march 21-april 2). Thanks -EMC
  3. Have a great WMC

    To all those bostonians making the trip - have a blast - Swells, Catie, Chueng et all.... Wish I was here to experience it with you but Argentina is calling and I am eager to spend 2 weeks in another country (although one could argue miami is anoter country in itself). Have fun, enjoy the people, the music, and most importantly life. Hopefully I'll be seeing some of you cats up in Boston soon - I need a return visit to the craziness you guys (and gals) call home. -EMC
  4. The Gryphon 1 year Anniversary!

    Looking forward to this night - so long as I am not playin anywhere this week - I am definitely there to support my boys Sammy and Charlie. They have been quietly amassing quite a buzz - and duely so. Respect also goes out to the NG duo who have graciously opened there sobe home to me last week. Things are in the works for Sammy and mines venture 'Product One Music' - so keep your ears to the ground for events popping up on that soon. -emc
  5. EMC and 'The Kid' Colione @ Boombox January 19th

    according to the post by ng - yes and its till 1am... so come get your drink on ladies!!!!
  6. EMC and 'The Kid' Colione @ Boombox January 19th

    Just a reminder about Boombox tonight - Come together for some deep, soulful house. -emc
  7. Winter Music Conference 06'

    Look forward to having the boston crew back down in my house. good times, good music, good people is recipe for sucess. Se you all in march!!! -emc
  8. visiting miami weekend of jan 20th...

    Southside @ Gryphon on Fri - if you want to venture up to the hard rock. funksion on thursdays as well as boombox for smaller venues. Shine is a def must hit this weekend and Ceballos is at Space on Sat. Spire - rooftop bar for a start off - 8th and collins - overlooks the ocean and the bartender Joey makes a mean drink. The room is also a good starter (back on 1st behind opium. Those are just a few of the many - depends on what you value most ... good music, chic, or other....
  9. Dinner @ Uva 69 this Friday

    hahahaha - I know - its one of those places you have to go and see for yourself. It is actually a rather nice little place to sit back and dpwn a few. The food is cheap and rather good. Very bohemian with an eclectic mix of people.
  10. Dinner @ Uva 69 this Friday

    UVA 69: The third tip of the triangle and latest success story faces the gas station at 69th, its tiny tables abuzz from breakfast through dinner—at least when the weather is fine. Like Dogma, UVA 69 is an all al fresco experience with no indoor seating and a funky following. But UVA also offers live music weekend nights and some highly refined, fairly fast food with a French-Spanish-Cuban flair.... http://www.where-miami.com/editorial.cfm?ID=332
  11. Dinner @ Uva 69 this Friday

    If anyone is looking for a nice way to start their friday night off, swing by UVA 69 for a nice cheap dinner. Good deals on wines and beers and I will be providing the musical ambiance (deep/soulful blend). Time: 7-11pm Uva 69 6900 Biscayne Blvd (westside) Miami Hope some of you can make it out - and don't forget about this Thursday as the NG crew opens up their decks to me for a couple hours @ Boombox. Respect, -emc
  12. Call to all CPs, I would like to invite you out to Boombox this Thursday, January 19th as the Next Generation and family open their house to myself (EMC) and 'The Kid' Colione. Stop by and take in a night full of deep, soulful house. This night is slowly building to be a must stop on the Thursday circuit. Hope to see some people stop by - say hello - and share a drink...or two. -emc
  13. DJ Equipment Question

    I have a pioneer DJM 500 and have played on numerous 600's and 3000's. I have notice this to be the problem with every single one. I would chalk it up as an unexplained fault with the pioneer mixers. Still great mixers but have yet to find a reason/solution to this.
  14. emc and Rick Longman at Stop tonight

    Anybody swing by for a minute? Didn't see anyone I recognized and would def like some honest feedback if you did. I felt it was a pretty good time - atleast Rick adn I had a blast!
  15. emc and Rick Longman at Stop tonight

    yes, yes y'all and you don't stop... keep on rockin till the beat drops