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  1. Eightball Records

    My all-time favorite record store. No unfortunately, to answer your question, Eightball closed a couple of years ago. Eightball RIP!
  2. tomorrow night i may embark on my plugging journey!

    Ummm, this is quite possibly the stupidest thing ive ever heard?!?! How are you supposed to digest a pill going backwards?!?! plus ouch, exit only! ARHIDSAFHUIFASUH my rectum is in severe painthinkin about it
  3. Morning Glory Seeds........

    damn i cant find shrooms anywhere anymore. i must be old. they used be the quickest money maker in college.
  4. NOW HIRING - Promoters, Dancers, Performers

    Alchemy.... Stay in that shit hole New Haven where you belong with your shit ass music and wanna be "international" dj status lol
  5. where to go after 2 years off?

    Mission is starting a new house party this Saturday! From what I hear it's gonna be off the hook!
  6. What is vinyl? (aim convo)

    That's fucking terrible, just shows how ignorant most newcomers to the scene are these days.
  7. Junior Vasquez tribute to DT

    DOes anybody have a copy of this set?? I had it and my HD got erased, and that was one of my favorite sets to listen to... Thanks!
  8. drinking blackouts??

    Well I've had a problem with memory loss since I was a kid, and pretty much everytime I drink seems like a blackout, not as bad or often anymore though thank god. It used to be every night, or sometimes 2 weeks later I'd say, what the fuck has happened for the past few weeks. All this just from drinking.
  9. Short VIDEO about LARRY LEVAN (paradise garage)

    Wow! Great video Gabe, thanx, all djs should realize that larry is one of the big reasons we are here doing what we are doing today!
  10. i have a drug test on monay help!!!

    Jesus Christ, my suggestion is to check into rehab! Not to judge, but i think the problem isn't that you have a drug test monday, but that you're addicted to H!
  11. i have roxicet: any abuse potential?

    is it blue and small? Also, what size i.e. 20mg?
  12. Tiesto