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  1. 9am Till 1pm Pedro Insoni 1pm Till 5pm Parantula (crobar,nikki Beach,rumi) 5pm Till 8pm Alex Creed (tantra) 8pm Till 11pm Diaga22 (opium,crobar) Well Guys Here We Go Its Only Four Days Away I Hope To See Everyone There After Space.if Its Busy By 11 Pm This Party Will Go On All Night With Diaga And Parantula. For More Info Email Me @[email protected] Or Pm. 841 Washington Av Sobe The Drink(old Club Pump) Absolute $100 Grey Goose $ 150 Black Label $150 Crown Royal $150 Beers Import $4 Beers Domestic $3 Red Bull $5 Water $5 Shots $3 Long Island Iced Tea $8 Cant Beat Those Prices
  2. New After Hours On South Beach @ The Drink

    Cool Love Roxxia she spun for the club before great vibe about her!!! Sure we will need some help for all to get new sounds out like roxxia's and bring in the old sounds Promoter already mentioned Roxxia at some point. My mind said my close friend Nigel Richards at some point since I am from old school philly after hours have to rep 611 and the philly crew.
  3. New After Hours On South Beach @ The Drink

    Ha Funk well I have 50+ people "My friends" coming bruno has 50+ friends coming and project x has 20-30 friends coming we will be at over 150 in friends of all involved plus the promoter of this party is the guys who make it happen for the big name club promoters. They are the promoters in the trench's for the 3 big clubs hehe this After After hours party is about the Music and having fun without empting our pockets across the bridge 4 all us people in the industry that close our clubs after a huge night Sat on South Beach and want to go dance and party ourselfs to the music we love.
  4. New After Hours On South Beach @ The Drink

    THE MUSIC is HOUSE- TRANCE - TECHNO exactly like all the other afterhours clubs.. We are working on a HUGE headliner for week 2. Week 1 will also have THE MAJOR due a set opening night.. This After Hours will be for the love of music not money. If we get 300 ppl thru the door and we ring $500 I am happy THE DRINK
  5. THE DRINK Presents 305 PLATINUM

    I due thank you for your input!! We have started a new night heheh after hours House / techno / trance on the beach I due personaly love all music actually spin all music from true old school "elvis has left the building" to "trick daddy" . The club since opened NEW YEARS EVE has went thru many changes to find its niche in that I have found the niche is really change!!! Always changing with demand and were the club is located HIP HOP as a main focus has worked wonders example last night Tuesday we were packed over 450 thru the door. I had to stand outside and look at the numbers of people walking by and driving by the club and it told the tale of south beach. Another telling tale of the fate at this moment of South Beach is Crobar use to be Fri and Sat were House / Trance in the VIP now its Hip Hop another Mansion Thursdays use to be House know Hip Hop. When the Hip Hop crowd and the mass's of Hip Hop bottle buyers and 10k at bar Fri & Sat go away so will Hip Hop at the club and we will move to what is HOT. I personally own every piece in the club with no debts and low monthly cost so THE DRINK is here for the long haul as a trendy spot for what the mass's want. Hopefully the After Hours and true love for dark wild hard House / Trance / Techno crowd will come out for the NEW Sunday Sunrise party Again thank you for all your input good and bad it does help!! OPENING PARTY MAY 8th 2005
  7. THE DRINK Presents 305 PLATINUM

    Well anyone who wants to be on the list is more than welcome. The DRINK actually caters to many different music styles During WMC it was all House and we had 1040 people in THE DRINK on Friday Nights party. The DRINK would be happy to host any type of party provided the promoter can provide a crowd. The Techno promoter signed a bar gaurentee for $2500 and could only produce a crowd 14-30 people who spent a grand total of hold on $800. THE DRINk also hosted a Thursday night GOTH night and again promoter failed. A NightClub is a business to provide what the MASS's want and at this time it is HIP HOP, R&B, Reggae, Latin which by the way spends what the techno crowd spends all night in 1hr. So take a look at it its not the clubs that are the problem its the promoters and the people who set behind there computer and dont support there music when they have the chance to!! THE DRINK
  8. THE DRINK Presents 305 PLATINUM

    We had a techno night 10 people showed up!!!! We did HIP HOP the next weekend and over 475 showed up..
  9. THE DRINK Presents 305 PLATINUM

    Please join us this Saturday April 23rd for 305 PLATINUM at THE DRINK....841 Washington Ave, Miami Beach DJ Chronic and 103.5 Doors open at 11pm....please dress to impress For guest list please contact the Hosts ACE - FAZZ - BIG DOG @ 305-673-0429 or via e-mail at [email protected] Ladies are free before midnight on guest list gents are reduced Guest list closes at 1am.....Get ready to Party in South Beach's newest Hip Hop Club