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  1. Where Is The Best Lovers Lane ?

    It's Saturday night . You just finished clubbing . You're driving her home . She is creamin for it ! She wants it ! Where do you take her ? I say in Miami .................... There is a spot just over the bridge into Key Biscayne . In New York , there is a spot next to the Narrows bridge off the parkway . Where is another spot to " hit it ".
  2. When Are They Wet ?

    Does she ever feel ashamed about how wet she gets while grinding with a strange guy ? Does she ever have a tsunami down there while freak-dancing ? I heard that when a gyrl is in a club and she is soaking wet .................. She crosses her legs at the thighs when she sits ................. And dangles her foot . Is that true ?
  3. When Are They Wet ?

    When I say wet . I mean in a sexual sense . I can never find info about a gyrls wetness . It's almost like a taboo subject . No magazines about it . No books about it . And the talk show hosts ( because of manners ) never ask the lady guest ............ When did he first make you wet ? Anyway ......... Thanks for the responses everybody . But I still am curious , nd want more WET info .
  4. Coming to South Beach Jan. 20-24: Recommendations

    I love Penrod's ! Nikki Beach ! But it's not always easy to get in . So it's good to have a plan B .
  5. When Are They Wet ?

    Of all the times that I was grinding . Groin grinding . Groin grinding on the dance floor . Not one time have I ever known ................ That the woman I was dancing with ........... Was wet . So I'm often thinking while grinding . Is she as turned-on as I am ? Or is she just numb ? My gyrlfriend says there are three levels of wetness . !.Wet 2. Very Wet 3. Soaking Wet She says that wet is easy to attain while watching a movie . Very wet happens when making-out . And soaking wet is often when a gyrl is " aching " for it . And often , on the dance floor . I dunno
  6. When Are They Wet ?

    Crowina ................ Are you a poet ? Cool ? I am too . Roses are red Violets are Blue My rod gets stiff When I think of .......
  7. When Are They Wet ?

    The experts say that communication is key . But men can't read minds . I say , that knowing how the gyrl feels is key . But sometimes in a crowded club ........ Or on a crowded street .............. Or in a crowded library .................... Or on a crowded beach................... SHE is hard to figure out .
  8. When Are They Wet ?

    When are women wet ? When they go grocery shopping ? When they go dancing ? When they are sitting in class ? When They are riding a bike ? If only men could know ........................ That would really help .
  9. Grinding

    Do I grind with other gyrls in front of my gyrlfriend ? Good question Cookie6 . The answer is yes . When I get freaky , freak dance , I do then . But when I grind face to face with a gyrl ............. No , I don't do that in front of her . That would be a no ! She'd give me hell if I did that !
  10. Grinding

    Maybe I am insecure about it . I'm not perfect . But I don't want my gyrl grinding with other guys , and I tell her that before we get in the club . She just listens to me .................... And rolls her eyes .
  11. Grinding

    Why don't I want the gyrl I'm dating to grind with other guys ? That's simple . Because she might enjoy it . She might get wet . And I don't want that .
  12. Grinding

    When I dance I like to grind ( or get freaky ) but I don't want my gyrlfriend to grind with other guys . Is that fair ? I say yes .