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    I am a detective, and I have a glass eye.
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    Smoking cigars and buying cheap shoes.
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    Married. Wife's name is Mrs. Columbo.
  1. Deepspell has a new FSN

    Begging your pardon, sir, that's not correct. Based on my investigation he is not the culprit of any FSNs. No sir. There are other shadowy hooligans at work and he is a victim of being unfairly accused. I don't have all the proof I need yet to take to the DA, but bet your bottom dollar I will uncoverr the true instigator of those dastardly FSN badboys. Sorry I think I trailed doggy doo doo on your carpet. Terribly sorry.
  2. Luz Is A Fat Sloppy Bitch I Never Met

    Knew a detective with a cockatoo, once. I wonder if your parrot and his cockatoo flew together in the same jungle.
  3. .

    It seems that there has been a crime commited here. Did somebody steal the title of this topic? Has anybody seen anybody suspicious, perhaps carrying a loose topic title?
  4. FSNs unite here

    How much moola do your couches sell for?