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  1. This weekend (Friday 10/20/06 and Saturday 10/21/06) Studio 9 will be open until 3AM!! Their license with the State of NJ was just renewed and they will continue to close at 3AM for another year. Studio 9 did a great job with keeping their patrons happy while they had to close at 1pm. They did not charge admission at the door and reduced parking fees to a dollar or two and reduced their drink prices all night long. They also have awesome plans for their HALLOWEEN BASH!!!! It will be a crazy and fun night!!!
  2. Studio 9 closing at 1am.....?

    Studio 9 is back to their 3 AM closing this weekend 10/20/06. Their license was just renewed with the 3 AM closing for the next year. ARE YOU COMING TO THEIR HALLOWEEN BASH? It was alot of fun last year.
  3. WHAT A LIAR YOU ARE! Seriously, you must be on drugs! Here is how the night was set up... My friends and I reserved a table in VIP and bought a bottle. If you were in VIP or bought a bottle you got a braclet. You were then given access to go on stage a take a picture with the Soprano Boys! Everyone had a camera. You are probably the only idot who didn't bring one. (Maybe you had a flash back to when you were a kid and you were going to sit on there lap like Santa Claus.. and the S9 photographer would say "cheese" GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Admission was $25.00 There were no comps that night because I usually get a comp myself. No one had to pay $250 to get a picture with them.... NOT ONE PERSON! We all got pictures, autographs and had a drink on stage with them. It was a really fun night! They were up on the stage for over 4 hours meeting and talking to everyone. We all had a blast... Denny was awesome too..
  4. Tsettos presents classics by the creators

    I heard the club is decorated with amazing stuff for this weekend. 18foot tree in the middle of the dance floor, a huge fountain, cages hangin, swing on stage. HOT! Def off the hook!
  5. Denny Tsettos New Residency

    I can't take this... "Back in the day, I remember when in 19... or 20... the party at Temps, Hunka Bunka,... Blah Blah Blah... You guys sound like my grandfather on a Sunday afternoon...I remember back in 1947 when they had the craziest dance clubs in town, now that was a party!! Enough already... S9 got really fortunate to have Denny as their new resident...I wish him Good LucK!
  6. New Years Eve At Studio 9 !!!!!!!

    I couldn't care less either way.. Just letting ya know there were two guys asking around about it... One big guy was named Smitty. Peace... or maybe rest in peace? BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  7. New Years Eve At Studio 9 !!!!!!!

    Hey muscles270... "Gangster want a be Tommy G" as you quoted earlier is looking for you... He heard about what you said on the board... He wants you to tell it to his face... Are you in muscles270... boy?
  8. studio 9 NYE

    wut is the deal with all the clubs.. I haven't seen anyone's NYE party info yet except for Studio 4
  9. I love that you call me a bad bad girl...
  10. Wrong again!!! Got from a great source he is cancelled... Tommy Lee is confirmed...
  11. Time to get to know your myspace friends better

    Davis... Your the best... Always a gentlemen who gets it.
  12. Denny Tsettos @ Studio 9 Sat. Oct. 22nd

    Denny..... Can't wait..... TOMMY LEE.... ALL MY GIRL FRIENDS FROM NJ and the City will be there! 5qtpies... Can you hook me up with a table in VIP by him?
  13. skribble saturday october 15th @studio9

    I definately will... But I won't let you know its me... cause all my "clubplanet lovers" will figure me out... See you there...
  14. skribble saturday october 15th @studio9

    You mean I could have a D'Jais VIP and receive free admission until 11pm? If so, that is cool..