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  1. I´m sure it will be fine, I´m from Holland and we have the biggest parties in the world, over 50.000 people, ofcourse it´s crowded, but you can allways find yourself some space to dance. It doesn´t matter where you are, as long as you have good crowd to join you. I can´t wait to attend Ultra and experience the USA crowd(vibe)!!!
  2. It wasn´t Kremlin, but Magik Muzik night, really hoping for another one this year!
  3. Saw this on....

    Tiesto, Montana and Ton TB...Sounds like a Magik Muzik night is comming up.. BlackHole in control! This would really make my day!
  4. Is it hard to get in?

    Thanks, I´ll remind that. I´ve a very good deal, about 500 US dollars for the flight and hotel together for 9 days. In Holland we allways have good offers. It´s gonna be a blast!!!!
  5. Is it hard to get in?

    Thanks for all the reply's! I feel a lot better now! Can't wait!!!
  6. Hey everyone, heard from many people that the people at the door can be a pain in the ass, still can refuse you, even if you´ve bought a ticket in advance. I´m talking about clubs like Space. Is this thrue? Did anyone ever experienced this? It would be terrible if this is thrue, I´m comming all the way from Holland... And what about the small parties, is it allso hard to get in? Thanks in advance!
  7. Big Parties

    He is gonna be at a Spaceparty on Southbeach the 24th.
  8. dj's on my wishlist this wmc2005

    Tiesto Dazzle Armin van Buuren Markus Schulz Deep Dish Erick Morillo Layo & Bushwacka Matthew Dekay Paul Oakenfold Paul van Dyk Perry O'Neil Push Remy Sander Kleinenberg Sasha Secret Cinema Sven Väth Ton TB Underworld