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  1. I will be on Blind date Weds night!

    a lot of those blind date guys have turned out to be gay porn stars, playgirl models and Gaiety Dancers
  2. DJ Manny Ward on THE LOOK

    Manny's Porn Mix for Barton is stripped of all main vocals and concentrates solely on the passages: which is constantly looped throughout the entire dubby mix ... "alright tonight, feels so good-so tight" "alright tonight, feels so good-so tight" Manny's " "Porn" Mix , http://perfectbeat.com/product_info.php?products_id=634479016677 , despite the name, is softer and feels a bit more like "love making after 10 years of being together but still cherishing every morning I wake up beside you". Manny is for Lovers. http://www.netspheres.net/ Charlie Rogers of Barton http://www.changemind.com/photoessays/034.htm
  3. Fleshbot.com has a blog entry today on DJ Antwone / DJ Anthony Sandstrom. DJ Antwone was accused by one admirer of being a bigger gay icon in Asia than Madonna. Wouldn't it be great is some new club in NYC (like say Probe) brought in DJ Antwone for a guest DJ gig? DJ Antwone aka: Anthony Sandstrom began his career in the mid 90's. "Grasped by the clutches" of the underground rave movement in Vancouver, Canada he began his appreciation for electronica music. After many late nights of these social interactions so began the infatuation with the turntables. Musically, DJ Antwone has always been heavily influenced by the old classics and the disco era. Adding the flavor of these musical genres into the latest 'cutting edge' House sound with his tactical prowess on the decks, DJ Antwone has emerged an international DJ with his own blend of West Coast funky house. Known to lay down either a sweet blend of smooth groovin' funky house or whip the dance floor into a 'frenzy' with a hard pumpin' funky tech tribal set. One thing, for certain, there will always be an element of funky in DJ Antwone's music. http://www.thedjlist.com/djs/ANTWONE/ http://www.tempcity.com/dramanyc/index.php?showtopic=3866 Interview at http://www.fridae.com/newsfeatures/article.php?articleid=318&viewarticle=1&nextrecord=0&currentpageno=1&searchtype=all&pageno=1 æ: Any interesting anecdotes when people come up to you and say that they recognise you from the mag? DJ antwone: Oh ya, ha ha, there had been some funny ones. One guy from Taiwan said I was a bigger gay icon then “Madonnaâ€â€¦ I don’t know what he was on, but either way it was a very nice compliment. He was very respectful and I appreciate that.
  4. Interview at DeepJ Max in which DJ Manny Ward discusses breaking into djing with the help of his partner, Bill Tullis http://www.montreal-raves.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=120 Max: Okay. Manny: It's like a train that jumped off the tracks. That's what happened. Max: So what made you decide, "You know what, I'll get a gig." Manny: Well, I knew a couple of people and my partner (Bill Tullis) knew some promoters... Four months down the line I lucked out; got a gig, a guest spot... Manny: ... Like you said, the competition was there, and things changed. It wasn't just about the talent in New York City, it was about THE LOOK - if you were going to get a really good gig in maybe a gay club or straight club. Unfortunately, it was like that; you had to have something else besides talent. You had to have THAT LOOK, you had to hang out with that crew, or be in that certain clique... Max: Which is tiring! Manny: Yeah! Oh yeah! The thing was, I was never part of that. If I hung out with people it was because of the type of people they were. We were from this school where if we're a DJ, (we won't say) this is why I'm a DJ - because I look so good! http://www.robpromotions.com/bbs/messages/28.html