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  1. Vegas Review 08

    I come to this every year board before my regular February trip. It used to pretty much kick ass. The vegas 07 thread kind of flopped last year. For people coming in like me that only make it once a year it really helped. It was nice to be able to say Ok Monday's this spot this spot and this spot are happening. Tuesdays your choices are here and here. etc. It helped me make a good educated decision and look like the man in front of my friends. In return I posted a review every year for the last 3 or 4 years about my trip once I got back. Soooo............ That said. How about some reviews. What spots are hot/happening.. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
  2. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

    Wow.. 6 months go by and I come back here to see what's up and I'm the last one to post a review(in this thread). WTF is going on? Just booked my airfare for February
  3. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

    Jett- Monday night. I put a few of us on the guestlist from Napkin nights. We showed up just before 10:30 and got right in the front of the invited guests line. We were in really fast & cover free. (Just make sure if you use the list to print out your confirmation they wanted to see it). Inside pretty slick. The sound system was very impressive on the dance floor but not so much on the sides. Which could be a good thing. It's nice to be able to step out of the line of fire from those subs. That shit will vibrate your organs. Some friends of ours did table service and said it was great. Two waitresses hung out with them and assisted them all night. The crowd was cool, lots of people just having fun. The staff was very nice and I got my drinks quickly. The video boards above the dance floor were pretty cool but I had to wonder why not real LCD's showing the music video up there or crowd shots. It was like Atari technology compared to what they could do modern day. B+ Wednesday - Coyote Ugly. We usually love this place but this year the MC on the bar was just boring. The crowd sucked . Could be because they were handing out free passes like candy at the front door of the hotel. D Friday - Center bar at the hard rock. LOL we planned on going into Body English we were even on the guestlist from our bell hop knowing someone but we talked to so many people at center bar we just said the hell with it. I went over once to try to access the guestlist but it was aweful 10 people deep standing around trying to get on or see if they are on the list. They need to clean that up a bit. There were more people waiting for the guest list than in the actual line. The drinks at the center bar were cheap..and if you are a single dude looking this is the spot to pre-game for sure. Lots of people looking to meet others. B (Side Note: At about 2:30 I went over to BE because I wanted to just take a look around. Nobody was in line and I asked if I could go in. The door guy declined me saying they were not letting anyone else in. I asked if I could just do a lap to check it out since I hadn't been in before. He refused and just wasn't very friendly. Too bad) Saturday - MOON - yeah someone finally gives it a review. I was supposed to be on the list but due to some confusion I was not. I still had a free pass and it took about 20 minutes to get in. Not bad considering the elevator slows things down. Inside the place is SICK. It had everything a nice chill down tempo lounge, a bar located in a good easy access point. Two patios 50+ Stories up overlooking Vegas and the party at Ghostbar. You are an escalator ride from the playboy club. In the main room the lasers were pretty cool. DJP was sick nasty. I love that guy. He pulls no punches and gives everyone a little bit of what they like. What a great mix. He gets a little rowdy on the mic too. Not your average Vegas DJ. At about 1:00 he yells out.."Everybody look up into the sky" The damn roof then peals back like a sports stadium and we party under the stars as the smoke clears out the top. This place was packed the dance floor was packed and it was a killer time. Drinks were strong ..Kettle One was the well Vodka for $11 each A+ Other shit- Somba - Brazilian Meat Buffet at The Mirage..check it out that shit was good! Dowtown- We always head down there one night. A stop for football sized beers, the Oxygen bar then we stopped at Hog and Heffers for a few drinks. The bartenders try to get you to buy them shots and they race you. They bit off more than they could chew with us. One girl got so fucked up she forgot to charge us for two rounds. Hooters Hotel - We knew a dealer there so we stayed there. Not bad..Dan Marino's place had great food. The staff at the actual Hooters Resturaunt was lame very "push you along" not very personal service but the casino and hotel staff ware great. No Carribean Stud Poker Great cab service! and not a far walk at all to NY NY or MGM. Piano Bar at NYNY - Went there with about 50 DJs from a coinvention .The place will never be the same again after us. Great time...cheap drinks! Nice break from the clubs. Random Had 2 cabs break down on us.. at 4:00am drunk off my ass I put $5 in a slot machine and won $200. The view from top of the world at Stratosphere is a must see. Turned down..3 hookers. Another great trip. See you Feb 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, & maybe 16 2008
  4. Opinions on allstar weekend

    I arrived Monday after the All-Star crowd was headed out. It started with the limo ride from the airport. The guy telling us how aweful the crowd was. Low quality peopel not tipping, skipping checks how a bar fight went down at Tryst and how some guy got shot in the MGM garage in the hip but would not press charges. At the hotel one of the dealers was describing to our black jack table how the crowd was vulger, rude and degrading and rowdy. Several cab rides where cabbies all brought it up and talked about how some people hung out on the streets all night because they showed up with no money to start with. No tips, skipped fares etc. One guy described it as Vegas's worst weekend ever. This is not my opinion just what I heard ...nobody had a good thing to say at all.
  5. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

    Yeh funny he can pop in and sticky promotions but this just sits here. I fly out Monday staying the shoel damn week. I'll be hitting all kinda hot spots and I'll post my review upon return as I have done the last 2 years.
  6. Cherry ???

    I was wondering the same thing. A couple answers in this thread but not much. If you go post your review. http://bbs.clubplanet.com/las-vegas/321741-cherry-moon.html
  7. Feb 16-18 Bachelorette/Bridal party weekend

    Damn glad I fly in on the 19th! $$$$$$
  8. Favorite Hotels

    I really don't care where I stay as long as it's on or very very close to the strip. I'm not in my room enough!
  9. Cherry & Moon

    These are two fairly new places. I've not heard much about them on here. Anyone been? What's the scoop?
  10. Tryst is trash!

    I'm not sure of your point. There are plenty of places providing a similar experiance to Tryst where you will be treated right. Which was my point. That "exclusive" feel loses it's luster when you don't feel appreciated. We all have our own Vegas examples of being treated well. We all have experiances in Vegas where this was not the case. An example: A couple years ago I put my name on the Napkin Nights guestlist at Pure. We showed up at the door and one of the guys with us had on a nice outfit with a jacket but he had on a nice pair of gym shoes. Gym shoes are not allowed. The guy at the door said, "You look great man and we would love to have you but you have to change your shoes. Go back to your room, I'll let the rest of the guys go on in and when you get back ask for me and your first drink is on the house" And that's exactly what happened. That made us feel great. Compare that to someone paying $3500 for 20 people sitting in 40 degree weather and being asked for addditional tips. All I'm saying Is I choose to go where I feel like my business is appreciated. What's wrong with that?
  11. Tryst is trash!

    If clubs are going to treat people like shit because they don't tip enough then why not add in the gratuity for parties of 10 or more. The whole scene is a confusing mess. Who to tip?, when to tip?, how much to tip? Who to grease? Someone should write a pocket guide on this shit. If I pay for bottle service at these prices I want to be treated like a f***ing VIP. If I'm not then I'm going to be pissed. If I am I'll tip. If clubs are going to sell these packages they need to stand behind them and deliver. There are PLENTY of places to party in Vegas. I'm going where they appreciate me.
  12. Bottle Service Pricing - Post your experience here!

    Pure sent me this email when I filled out the form on their website. Thank you for your interest in Pure Nightclub. We do offer bottle service which includes a table for the night as well as the convenience of bypassing the line and waiving the cover. It is a 2 bottle minimum for up to 6 people with every additional 3 people another 1 bottle added on. Bottle pricing starts at $375 per bottle not including tax and gratuity.
  13. Feb 23-26

    Last year we hit Foundation Room on Monday and had a great time. The plan was to head over to Jett but it never happened at least not until like 3 or 4 and they wouldn't let us in by that time since it was so late. Coming out of Jett as we were turned away was that dude from the contender tv show Sergio Mora. He was a cool dude. We talked with him for a bit. Real nice guy. Anyway I've heard good things about Jett. If abrooksbro talks in person the way he does in his post here then maybe he was the bad apple in the crowd.
  14. ::review Of Vegas 2007::

    As a DJ you gotta love it when people think they know more than you do. Yet, your the one with the gig in LAS VEGAS at PURE!
  15. Feb 23-26

    Hey that's when I'll be in town Feb 19th - 24th. I'm all about hook-ups. Anyone reading this wants to float me a bone..PM