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  1. should be a great party... vtone, nero and gabriel should rip it down there....
  2. Rooster and Peralta @ Pacha

    why is love gen. w/ lethal funny???
  3. any go to the

    dj expo in atlantic city over the past couple of days???? heard it was sick...not sure of the whole luine up .. heard dj vtone ripped it!! 1
  4. who's doing what

    tonite?? i'll be at spyder for Vtone...
  5. JP @ Avalon Review

    ----agreed mikedirty
  6. coming to nyc tomorrow - need suggestions!

    Bassmint Sessions @ UNDERGROUND 9/10 (15 W 21ST NYC) Bassmint Sessions @ The .Under.Ground. joins the PARTY AGAINST POVERTY with 8 countries and 3 continents all banding together to aid the people harmed by hurricane Katrina. 18 for ladies, 21 for gentlemen... ladies in free before 12, Use " DIRTY " guestlist for reduced admission..For more info., please contact me via email [email protected] or [email protected] or you can call me at 646 739 8972 Music by: Dj VTone Abstract Dj's Dave Augusto Hosted by: Vivacious
  7. New to NYC

    BASSMINT SESSIONS @ UNDERGROUND (15 W 21ST NYC BET 5TH AND 6TH AV) EVERY SATURDAY NITE this week we're having a complimentary party w/ guest list... VTONE spins progressive dark beats w/ great vocals and freestyle. pm me for more info...look at our thread in "promotions" also. --mikedirty DirtyEnt. BASSMINT
  8. Nicky Siano Appreciation Thread

    much respect to nicky
  9. complimentary Party At underground (15 W 21st Bet 5-6th Ave) BASSMINT SESSIONS EVERY SATURDAY... if your looking for a more intimate venue ..... contact me 646 739 8972 --mikedirty dirty ent. BASSMINT
  10. Where can a boy go dancing this labor day weekend?

    BASSMINT SESSIONS @ UNDERGROUND look under "promotions" pm me for more info.... --mikedirty
  11. good spots on saturday nights?

    Bassmint [email protected] .Under.Ground. 8/27 (w 21 bet 5th and 6th nyc) Bassmint Sessions continues this week @ THE .Under.Ground. with Vivacious as your host and music by Abstract djs, Vincent Villani, and Bassmint Session's Resident Dj VTone Doors open at 10pm .. Ladies FREE before 12am w/ guest list only .. For guestlist and more info please contact 646 739 8972 or email us [email protected] --mIKEDirty
  12. Do you remember VIVACIOUS!! eww

    VIVACIOUS is a personal friend of mine and she is a great person... she's been with us since factory and she always looks out.. people do follow her b/c whereever she is she brings a great vibe... everyone is entitled to their opinion but dont hate on someone who only does good for the scene. --mikeDirty BASSMINT
  13. Back to the Scene... Who's Hot, Who's Not?

    if you're looking for a more intimate setting try UNDERGROUND (18 w 21st bet 5th/6thave) ..name of the party is BASSMINT SESSIONS VTONE spins crazy beats every saturday nite....check it out --mikeDirty PM me for some more info
  14. Danny T Crobar Track ID

    it was an acca