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  1. Whats `on` on the 19th Feb??

    Where does it say about DJ Boris on crobars website?? I cant find anything. Went to crobar when i came over a few weeks ago, was going to go on the 22nd, but my flight was cancelled and had to re-schedule!! IXIS
  2. So whats happening on the 19th February?? Anyone know whos playing at Crobar on the 19th?? IXIS
  3. Im affraid I wont be All flights to the east coast of america have been cancelled, so my flight from Heathrow is no more. I was soo looking forward to coming back New York aswell. I was able to re-schedule my flight for the end of February (my birthday), so I will be back Hope your all alright in that bad weather, Unil next time.... IXIS
  4. Hi All, I drove all the way to Heathrow today (143 miles!), checking before i left to see if my flight was ok, it was, only to arrive at heathrow to be told all flights to the east coast of america were cancelled!!!! I was soooo looking forward to coming back to New York and going clubbing to Crobar I was however able to re-schedule my flight for the end of February when i have another week off work (and its my birthday too) Managed to get a refund on my parking aswell (£67). It was snowing on my back from Heathrow, hope it doesnt get as bad here in Cardiff!! Hope your all coping alright with the bad weather. Keep safe and warm Until next time..... IXIS
  5. *UPDATE* I am coming back to New York Only for a week, but well looking forward to it...even if it is snowing!! See you all saturday @ Crobar IXIS
  6. Crobar,what a club! :o)

    Oooops....double posted!! See you all saturday. IXIS
  7. Crobar,what a club! :o)

    Not by much tho!! IXIS
  8. Crobar,what a club! :o)

    Not by much tho!! IXIS
  9. Crobar,what a club! :o)

    Come on people...theres a poll going on here!! IXIS
  10. Oh dear..snow!! I am coming back to New York on saturday, but might have to cancel cos my friend wants to come with me, but not until February. But, if i do decide not to cancel, then i will be going to Crobar to see/hear DJ Boris. Until next time... IXIS
  11. My first time in New York and i decided to go clubbing. Decided to give Crobar a go after reading some good reviews on this forum. Im from th UK and have never been to a club like this in the UK (not yet anyway!). What an absolutley amazing looking club I emailed ahead and managed to get myself guestlist. Got inside, gave my coat to the cloakroom and proceded downstairs. Those light boxes on the way down were cool and the bars going from floor to ceiling were interesting!! Then the main room opened What a huge room!! The lights were wicked, the way they came down, then went back up, the massive video screens with the VJ were very cool. I had brought along a demo cd of mixes that i had performed on www.deckstruction.net. I wasnt allowed upstairs to give the cd to David Waxman, so gave it to one of the bouncers. I hope he has given the cd to David!! Just incase he didnt, I sent one in the post!!! Will be going back to Crobar next week (saturday 22nd) when im back in New York for a week, lets see how good DJ Boris is!! Altho the club was open till 5am, I left about 2:30am after running out of cigarettes!! And after walking around New York for most of the day and having a little jetlag, my legs werent upto much dancing!! If anyone would be interested in hearing my mixes, drop me an email with your address and zip code and i`ll post you a cd when i return to NY. Also, if your a club owner or promoter who would like to hear some UK trance, hard house & Nu-Nrg in your club,venue or night, let me know and i`ll bring some vinyl over and play for you. I would play for free cos of this `work permit` thing, but we could sort something out as a substitute for payment. Hope to hear from you club owners & promoters. Looking forward to hearing and seeing DJ Boris, Untill next time.... IXIS
  12. HARDer please?

    I may not be `big`, but i do like to play it harder than what im hearing about! I would love to play in a club over here. Im coming back over on the 22nd January....anyone want to book me to play?? I`ll play for free!! If you want a demo cd, drop me a post ASAP as im going back to UK sunday evening. Hope to hear from you soon, IXIS
  13. HARDer please?

    Hi guys n gals, Im the guy that was asking bout hard house & hard trance in an earlier post. Well, im in New York at the moment (a bit earlier than planned!), and after reading this thread, I think i might have found what im lookin for (hopefully!). Will give this club a go tomorrow night See you there, IXIS
  14. Can anyone recomend...

    Thanks for the info guys Does much happen during the week?? Any good bars to hang in?? Cheers, IXIS
  15. Hi all,Can anyone recomend any good hard house and/or hard trance nightclubs to visit in New York city?? I`ll be arriving in New York on saturday 22nd jan...any good clubs to goto when I arrive?? (Hard House &/or Hard Trance remember) Also, does anyone know of any clubs that have open decks night?? Again, preferably Hard Trance. Oh, by the way, im coming from Cardiff, Wales UK Cheers in advance, IXIS