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  1. Its Official and NOBODY can say OTHERWISE!

    Im in Maryland for college. New York is my home and Im pretty familiar with the scene and the typical JP is a god or JP is the worst war that will still go on proberly 10 years from now.
  2. Its Official and NOBODY can say OTHERWISE!

    I'll say otherwise. The thread starter needs to get a life and quit bashing DJ's. If you dont like the JP crowd, the way he spins, or JP in general just distance yourself from it and refrain from talking shit. I think JP is a good DJ, and thats my opinion and its just plain obvious as well. He has skill, style, and a loyal following. The only problem I have JP is that if its a regular night, nothing really special, he will without a doubt deliver but it will be nothing compared to his marathon and special occasion sets. When you get right down to it for the most part a DJ really cant suck unless they absolutly have no idia what they are doing. With the talent that is being booked in the city people, that aint gonna happen. People are bound to have different opinions on who better and what not, but in a sense they are all the best. Each DJ has thier own unique style, unique vibe, and unique following. You may not like JP, but you should respect him as a DJ.
  3. Back to the Scene... Who's Hot, Who's Not?

    Personally I hate Avalon. I just dont like the crowd. Avalon definitly aint the new Exit though, I'll tell you that.
  4. Fuck You Fridays...

    Fuck you to the degenerates at Subway who always fuck up my lunch order. Fuck you to my fellow employees who all of a sudden bitch me out about being late after coming in 5 minutes late for a year. Fuck you to my friend for dirtying up my white tracksuit. Fuck you to having to work Saturday. Fuck you to the scumbags that cut me off in the morning only to drive 20mph below the speedlimit. Fuck you to cold hearted bitches.
  5. Ok, whos going to see PVD @ Central Park???

    Im going. I cant wait until next weekend!
  6. Can we ban JP and his full name?

    If you dont like Jonathan Peters thats okay, everyone is entitled to there own opinion. Just quit obsessing with how much JP sucks. Do yourself a big favor and avoid the venues he is spinning at when your out hitting the clubs and just dont listen to his music. One of the biggest problems I have noticed with these forums is individuals who have devoted themselves to bashing DJs they do not have a taste for. If you dont like a DJ and the shit he spins leave it at that. Try to avoid creating threads where you end up hounding the living hell out of a DJ.
  7. if avalon isn't closing..

    This whole Avalon thing is confusing the hell out of me.
  8. Djs walking OUT of the booth?!?!

    Save the crowd mingling for after the DJ is done spinning thier set.
  9. Club Nonsense NYC

    That was a damn good read. Definitly on point and funny at the same time. "Yuppie Broker Scum"... "The Cracked Out Asian Mafia"...
  10. whats going on after PVD in central park?

    Ive been thinking the same thing.
  11. Armand Van Helden said it best

    Lol whats the matter with my name?