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  1. OK - have never been to this place before. It opens at 11 - what time should we get there and what kind of line should we expect? Any other quick info about the club would also be appreciated. Thanks guys.
  2. Currently in Vegas - looking for some decent spots for tonight. Anybody have any suggestions? 2 guys, 1 local girl, 1 out-of-state girl. Just looking for a good, young busy spot to party. No preference in music.
  3. July 2nd - July 6th

    Excellent! That's what I like to hear. I also heard they are going to close down Vegas BLVD a la New Years. How's the Aladdin? Never stayed there before, but seems like a relatively nice place from what I've heard so far. Have stayed at the MGM and Luxor on previous visits. I'm assuming the lines are going to be ridiculous Sat/Sun/Mon at the clubs...not a big problem, but can we expect inflated covers to go along with the lines? I know a couple local girls (just moved out there) so that should help us out a little, I think.
  4. July 2nd - July 6th

    Hey I'm a Stern fan as well...stood out in line for hours for his Hard Rock visit last summer! And as much as Clear Channel may be the big evil corporation yadda yadda, it sounds like they are putting on a huge (free?) event. So back to the question...what is the 4th usually like in Vegas, and are there any further details on the Clear Channel (all ill feelings aside) event.
  5. July 2nd - July 6th

    Anybody heard any details on the big Clear Channel event? Going to be out there from the 2nd-6th, staying at the Aladdin. Any other big stuff going on for the 4th of July weekend?