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    Just moved to Vegas a few months ago to incorporate my commercial photography business Radiant Photography.
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  1. Teatro?

    I shot pics there for clubplanet a few weeks ago. While it was dead when I was there (got there too early), it was a pretty nice looking place. Little details, like scrolling LED messages behind the booths, made it interesting. You'd never know they were there unless you look behind a booth. As a photographer I loved the lighting and the open layout. Sorry I can't comment on the crowd, there were like 15 people there when I was shooting. They also had a dancer on a elevated stage surrounded by chairs (kinda like a strip club) which was a nice focal point.
  2. March 16-20::INVEGAS Magazine Launch Parties!

    Another photographer to add to the list. PM me if you could use my assistance.
  3. Bi le much love

    Yeah I just shot pics there the other night and was blown away. The view, the decorations, the music and the people were all beautiful. I'd highly recommend Foundation.
  4. Just an introduction...

    Damn, sounds like I need to get to Drais with camera in tow! Interesting crowds make for great images. Hey Vixen, maybe you can help me with something. I race imports and I just moved out here. Do you know of any good shops or anything? I'm looking for people to hang out with and race, but having little luck. I'm not sure how into the scene you are here, but PM me if you can help in anyway. Thanks.
  5. Just an introduction...

    Hmm, I pretty sure the "photos" section is only for the hired photogs, but I think you should be able to insert or link to pics here in the forums with no problem. I could be wrong, so you might try emailing the clubplanet webmaster or something. Sorry I couldn't be of much help.
  6. Just an introduction...

    She may be photographing still, but I don't know her. I'm a freelancer so I haven't had a chance to meet any of the other photogs. I'm actually a commercial photographer by day, this is just some fun extra money and a chance to hang out with you wonderful folks! PK - Yeah, my work is in the photos section. The latest are the images at Godspeed (Foundation Room) and Rock Star Karaoke at HOB. Also have some Tabu, Teatro and ICE images up from last week.
  7. Just an introduction...

    Thanks. I hope clubplanet sends me over there soon, since I've heard so many good things about Drais. Hell, I might even come by when I'm not working and just check it out....I could use a drink!
  8. Just an introduction...

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself as one of the new clubplanet.com photographers here in Vegas. I'm out and about every week capturing your beautiful (and sometimes drunken) faces. If you see me around, grab me for a shot of you and your friends for the website. See you in the clubs! Be safe, Ryan www.radiantphotography.com coming soon. Commercial photography for just about anything you need.