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  1. are you serious with this bogus "the basement sessions" shit?
  2. Shelter!

    If your tired of the hussle and crazyness of mega club atmosphere please join us this Sunday morning at our Housewarming Party at Club Shelter. The longest running afterhours venue in NYC has welcomed the Bassmint Sessions crew into there "basement," and now we welcome you for a HOMY environment filled with great vibe and banging beats all morning long. http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?t=287321
  3. Good Place To Party For 18+

    check out Bassmint Sessions Afterhours beginning this saturday at SHELTER!!!!... its 18+.... http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?t=287321 call me up if you have any questions....718.795.3119
  4. Attn: Every1

    I want to give a big thank you to everyone who came down to show support....Pauly and Ivan again great job........u guys deffinitly set the night off right.......Chris Vargas......also great job haven't seen u since the old days of casino.....hope to have u wit us everyweek from here on out......VTone....theres really nothin more I can say that hasn't been said already other then keep it up.........Denis thank u hope u enjoyed urself and danced lol...........again thank u to everyone........as for next week after this weeks turn it out we keepin it the same wit/ the tag team Pauly and Ivan startin it off then hand it to Vargas to see wut he has in store this week then wit our Bassmint Sessions own VTone workin the booth to close.......
  5. *****underground*****

    no..ill see YOU there! DIrTYY

    check out BASSMINT [email protected] with VTONE.. we are welcomin everyone who wants to continue partying with us after they leave PVD....for information on this party go to the promotions area...or call me at 718.795.3119 use TONE guestlist when you see our door person NADIA BUISNES UnderGround 15 21st st between 5th and 6th
  7. AnY SuPeRcHuMbO @ asseteria Reviews????

    kill yourself!
  8. .

  9. uhhh

    david morales AGAIN at crobar...damnnn booooo ALLL about junior this weekend!
  10. Webster Hall ceiling collapse?

    why would you go there?
  11. i cant fukin wait

    PM me for details...ill get in contact with you and drop off tickets if you need for the evenT!
  12. Big Group Needs Guestlist for Avalon

    use DJ DRASTIC's guestlist!
  13. i cant fukin wait

    i heard hes pretty good....ull just have to wait and see if you need tickets, guestlist info, bottle service, complimentary admission.... PM me...or call me at 7187953119...
  14. Spirit Friday 3/25

    yea... just use TONE guestlist...ull recieve reduced admission....TONE!