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  1. Although I have not heard of them, based on the responses sounds like a party! :pint: We might have to check this one out! ALMOST HERE!
  2. Exactly One Month!

    DAMN! Not much more time to keep to work out regiment! Can't wait to PARTY!!!
  3. Exactly One Month!

  4. What type of music do you go to WMC for?

    soul-ful house, house, and any electronic (for that matter ANY TYPE of music) music that get's me groovin! let's party!
  5. DAMN! Sounds like a party but we won't arrive until Thursday at 6am!
  6. Vegas Party....IN MIAMI!

    how did you manage to just get pass the lines at Drais? Hook ups? IT'S such a bitch to get in that damn place sometimes! It's always off da hook though when you finally get in.
  7. How much are you paying for your hotel?

    I just checked online and the rooms are going for like $365+ night online. We've never been to Miami but from that price and pics online, it looks like to be a nice place! It's a good thing we still have a ton of points so we're only paying a fraction of that price! Time to party!!
  8. Believe it or not! Take two before you start drinking and if possible, take a couple with you and take it sometime during the night (rarely happens since most people are pretty wasted by then!). Then take wo more before you go to bed, 2 advils, 1 multi-vitamin and as much H2O you can drink before passing out. Tea the next morning seems to have some natural soothing and healing qualities as well. CAN'T WAIT!
  9. I just may try that one! PROPS!
  10. Top 5 hotels to stay at for WMC 2005???

    Here's a reply I got about where we're staying! http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?t=257416 Quote: We're staying at the Royal Palm Crowne Plaza Resort http://www.royalpalmcp.crowneplaza.com/. How's that hotel? It seems to be in a pretty good location and looks nice from the website. We have other friends staying at the Pelican Hotel http://www.pelicanhotel.com/ and that place looks nice also. both of those are nice. Great location. It's our first time so just wanted to share what I learned.
  11. Aquabooty .05 @ Nocturnal

    Friday seems to be a damn good pary day and party night! Did you hear anything about the Mixed Elements + Chicago party on Friday night?
  12. What's happening on Friday 3-25??

    Too far to walk from our hotel huh?
  13. What's happening on Friday 3-25??

    From the sounds of it, sounds like that Radio One party is going to be off the hook! Do you guys have any links to the party details etc.? I might have to see if the gang would be down to check that out also. How far is it from 15th Street and Collins (Crowne Plaza) ?
  14. What's happening on Friday 3-25??

    Just a post I came across! We will most likely be there since some of our friends know the folks at Mixed Elements! San Francisco NICE!
  15. ULTRA FEST UPDATE (more artists announced)

    If you crew goes there than I would be down. Right now we are waiting to hear what the San Francisco Industry folks plan to do because they're our tickets to get in pass the lines or get in for free (hopefully!). At this point, along with the Ultra party I want to go to one of the Wetgrooves party and maybe Space? Who knows! I just know it's going to be a party!! This message board has definitely been the most helpful research tool!