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  1. Where To Go In Boston

    Haha, probably I should stay back home in Vienna ...
  2. Where To Go In Boston

    Come on, people, that can't be all! Give me more club names!
  3. Where To Go In Boston

    Hmm... any other suggestions? Is Boston really that boring?
  4. Where To Go In Boston

    Thank you! See you Boston people in february
  5. Where To Go In Boston

    Hi, I'm going to visit some people in the Boston Area in february. I have been there very often when I was younger, but not recently so I have no idea of Boston's club scene. Any suggestion on good clubs, pubs and places a cool guy like me has to take a look at? My friends aren't that much of "going out people"... Well, I am What I really don't need is mainstream HipHop places and snob discos. So leave that out of your lists... Plus: I need a good Karaoke Bar. I did bet that I'll sing "Rock Me Amadeus" in an american Karaoke Bar... Thank you in advance, Heshi
  6. Sorry For Triple Post

    Sorry for triple posting...
  7. Where To Go In Boston