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  1. vegasrey, How will daylight savings on Sat night affect the door time for JP? Will it still open at 3 after turning the clocks back at 2?
  2. Places to live advice?

    Thanks limodriver, I'll look into those. I'll be in town in a few weeks and plan on spending a day looking around. Mike, my gf is an accountant and is getting transferred there. Im an IT consultant but I work from home for a company in Boston so it doesn't matter where I live.
  3. Places to live advice?

    Thanks. We want to be somewhat close to the strip but not right on top of it. Still just learning the surrounding areas.
  4. Places to live advice?

    My gf and I will be moving to LV in early 2007 and we're looking for some advice on areas of the city to move to. We're looking to buy a townhouse/condo in a nice neighborhood in the 275-300K range. Any help is appreciated and I look forward to meeting some of you after the move. Brian
  5. Morillo Friday

    Anyone else going?
  6. Just signed up for your list See you Sat.
  7. New to LA from Boston

    Hey everybody, just moved here from Boston with my gf. She isn't really into the EDM scene but I'm def looking for some nice spots to go. I've heard about the major places and plan on checking out Spundae on Sat. Look forward to seeing some of you out! Brian