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  1. What's wrong with Studio 54?

    Again, thanks for the help everyone. Maybe we will head out to ICE one night if our tired old body's are up to it. We will be in town Wed. night thru Sat. night so hopefully we will get a chance to go.
  2. What's wrong with Studio 54?

    That's what I am hoping for Scoobeedoo! Thanks for the comments so far everyone. We might try ICE on night, unless you think we are too old. Anybody have other comments on 54 or any other suggestons.
  3. What's wrong with Studio 54?

    Kinda curious as to why you don't have fun at 54. Again, we are not really "clubbers", but I don't want to waste my first trip to LV AND a couple of nights out without having to worry about the kids. Any alternatives you might recommend? Preferrably close to MGM.
  4. What's wrong with Studio 54?

    We will be in Las Vegas mid to late next week and will be staying at MGM. For convenience, we planned to just stay at the hotel and go to Studio 64 and Tabu for my late night fun. However, after reading some of the threads here I am concerned that I may be wasting my time. Is Studio 54 THAT bad? We are mid-30's professional couple hoping to have some "out-of-town" fun. We don't normally have a chance to frequent clubs and simply want to have a good time. If Studio 54 is not a decent choice, is there somewhere else within walking distance of MGM that we should consider? Thanks for your help.