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  1. carl cox and dt at pacha...eh

    It was one of the best night i had in a WHILE. got there at 12, carl cox started a lil off, picked up tag teaming with danny blew my mind off, i was getting tired but 7am and ready to go home. Danny did his thing and yes he kept me till 1pm, each song was getting better and better as time was passing he was dropping bombss, he left the dj booth for 10 mins danced with us took pictures, gets back to the dj booth and BOOM, here we go again
  2. DT spirit no a/c 120 degrees minimum

    As a matter of fact it was so hot all the glasses top floor were full of humid. And ALL of the dance floor was wet. I thought it was from the drinks but it was humidity...
  3. DT spirit no a/c 120 degrees minimum

    The AC went off round 3am. Danny stopped round 6:40am Most people were chillin outside by the smokin area
  4. What was the.........

    Montreal.. Had to mension Aria and Stereo (places i visit every year for the past 3-4 years)
  5. What was the.........

    Young can't say much just turned 21.. few days ago. First song?? JAY DEE- plastic dreams. First club experience?? Europe athens, greece actually with some local Dj at a club right on the beach that is closed now party was going till noon watching sun going up right by the waves with some hot hot beats. That's it i was hooked! Came to NY, some SF but jp was never my style.. what got me into it was one night with DT at spirit when it first opened.. can't remember exactly but the guy (DT) just told me my heart belongs there !
  6. Attn: Crobar Personel

    Last time i was at croba with Danny T and picotto there were lots of asians... so is it just a few parties or what ?
  7. Crobar Lineup In June Is Crazy!!!!!!!

    A smaller room or venue better fits Danny T.. His music is just not the same in Crobar (my opinion)
  8. Review...Crobar- DT and Picotto

    Great night loved the music Danny T picked it up nice where mauro left off.. Left round 8:30 and music was just getting better and better but i was way too tired
  9. Its All gone Pete Tong

    I've seen it, kinda sad .. nice come back for Frankie thou
  10. Spirit.... dead?

    What's up with this place. Only parties i go r usually madeevents and danny T but even that is limited... I like the space and the darkness of the club a lot and the sound is much better for those of u that have not been there the past 2-3 months. Does it have a future? would made-events keep on having parties? They should make them 21+. Good djs from europe and round the world and a huge 18 year old crowed. why? I am looking forward for the mauro picotto danny t on april, sgould be interesting
  11. Dt babyyyyyy

    When is he spinning @ Spirit again? Is april 14th confirmed? I feel him more there..
  12. 18+ Clubbing in NYC - HELP!!!