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  1. FAO: Phillipio Chin

  2. Space patio pix ( 8am )

    I ahve never seen so many ugly people in one place at the same time. What ever happened to the days when girls dressed nice and the guys were hot. Looks like a slum.
  3. This board has...

    That's why I don't post here anymore. Oh well, I just did.
  4. HNO Productions Presents... DigitalPhoenix

    Ese tipo es un pinguo!
  5. Secret Society

    Yeah. We used to hang out with a group of friends on friday night and he would sing the old freestyle songs from the day. It was fun until the bar closed for who knows what reasons. If you are interested, he is looking into another location for friday nights. Maybe Hooligans or La Covacha. Things are on the table right now to see where will be the next Rudy hangout. When the time comes I will post the info for all others that are interested.
  6. HNO Productions Presents... DigitalPhoenix on May 12, 2006

    That's awesome Vic. you deserve it.
  7. Since the board has been dead for awhile...

    I'm still here. just haven't lurked or posted in a while because I've been pretty busy with work and stuff. Entering all the stuff from are old accounting system to the new one we are switching to. SUCKS!!!
  8. Happy Birthday Candy

    Happy Birthday Jenice!!! From one Aries to Another!
  9. Attn: Digital7!!!

  10. Attn: Digital7!!!

  11. Attn: Digital7!!!

    Refresh browser, I can see them fine. If that doesn't work, right click on red x and hit properties and it give you the URL. Copy and paste it on browser and it will open picture
  12. Attn: Digital7!!!

  13. Attn: Digital7!!!

  14. Happy Birthday To ME!

    You wish I got home at that time. I got home at 4am. I haven't done that in a long time.
  15. Happy Birthday To ME!

    My uncles Jose and Laz, my hubby Mandy My Birthday Crew-Yes that is me in the front Some CP/TA familiar faces I saw that night