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  1. The list for clubs

    Mrvegas can you also add me to the list for foundation room on March 21. If you can please PM me and i will reply with all the info you need.
  2. The list for clubs

    OK thank you, but who in clubplanet is a Vip host?
  3. The list for clubs

    Im going to be going to Vegas on spring break, a total of 4 guys. I know clubs with only guys are usually hard to get into so I was woundering if anyone has any list or anything like that to get into the clubs from March 21 -March 27.
  4. March 21-27

    Are these clubs also the clubs with the better looking crowds? Also roughly how much does a bottle of Grey Goose or Black Label go for in the clubs in Vegas?
  5. March 21-27

    I booked a room at Caesars Palace from March 21-27. I was woundering were would be a good clubs to go to and on what days. We are a group of 4 guys looking for clubs with a young good looking crowd and hip hop/house music.
  6. Clubs with most attractive people

    Which clubs attract the best looking women?
  7. Nightlife during Springbreak

    Is there any clubs you would recomend? Me and 3 other guys will be there from monday to sunday. So we were woundering what was good each night.
  8. Nightlife during Springbreak

    I have been to Vegas many times but I have not had a chance to go to many of the clubs since I recently turned 21. I was planning to go with a couple of frineds for spring break (March) and was woundering how the Vegas Nightlife gets during Spring Break, and where would be the best clubs to hook up. Also which clubs have the younger crowds around the mid 20's. I've also heard mixed stories about Rain, would you recomend going there. We are looking for hip-hop house music.