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  1. New To Vegas...Where to go - where to go??

    Depends on what you mean by "hip-hop." If you're talking about what you'll hear on mainstream radio or MTV, then you'll get that at pretty much every club in town. If you're talking about the tracks you'll hear on independent hip-hop radio stations and in primarily-black urban nightclubs, the heavy bangers that only occasionally crack nationwide top-40, then Poetry (formerly OPM) is the place to go on the Strip. If you're talking about old-school hip-hop/funk/soul, then Sundays at Tabu and Wednesdays at Tao (lounge) are where you want to be. And if you're talking about modern underground and "true-school" hip-hop, you won't find it on the Strip.
  2. Finding House music... avoiding hip-hop

    Revolution is no longer open regularly on Sundays... but every Monday night is 100% house music for their weekly Cirque party. Wed-Sat they feature a mix of pretty much everything, which as they night wears on becomes primarily house. Not sure if the Strip is ready for a major club to have a main room that is regularly house music on a Friday or Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to see it happen, but the plain truth is that at the moment the hip-hop/top-40 crowd is a much bigger money-maker in Vegas. 3400 @ Jet Mondays and BE Wednesdays are solid steps iin the right direction, but their successes are largely (arguably primarily) due to local support, many of them industry workers. And unfortunately 3400 is still regulated to a side room, while only on rare occasions does BE open the entire upper level on Wed. Most unfortunate of all is that these are the only two marquee house events for prime-time (10a-4a) clubs. Until we see 3400 move in to the main room, BE getting packed on Wednesdays and another marquee event come along, I think a regular main room Fri/Sat will remain a dream for quite a while. In the meantime, when when I'm stuck in the main rooms of Jet/Pure/Tao (usually with friends who are afraid of house music) it's at least some consolation that house tracks are beginning to creep in amidst the popular hip-hop tracks...
  3. The Return of TEATRO Weee're Baaack!!

  4. New To Vegas...Where to go - where to go??

    There's plenty of other threads in this very forum on clubs and music in this town, check through them and then ask specific questions.
  5. Question about reserving tables

    Bottle minimums on NYE are ridiculously high, often double what they are the rest of the year. And every place is PACKED, PACKED, PACKED. Area around your table? PACKED. Unless you sleep on a mattress stuffed with green, my recommendation is to spend the evening outside on center-Strip. It's closed to traffic and because a massive, insane street party, fireworks and all. Then for your clubbing fix hit up an afterhours starting around 2.
  6. Question about reserving tables

    On average expect to pay $350-$450 per bottle at most major Vegas clubs. Top spots on busy nights typically have minimums of 1 bottle per 3 people. If your group of 4 means 1 guy and 3 gals, you can probably get away with 1 bottle. Otherwise with 4 people you'll either need to go for 2 bottles or convince the host you'll give him a great tip to let you slide with 1 bottle. Depending on the club and the night and what you're looking for, this is where an independent host can really help out. Guaranteeing your reservation, negotiating the best deal and helping to make sure you don't get the worst table in the place are worth the fees that a quality host will charge. If you go with making a table reservation on your own make sure to confirm, re-confirm, have your club host's full name and mobile number, and arrive at the club early.
  7. Calling out all fake possing computer progarming dj's

    Well this has been nothing if not entertaining.
  8. Freeze Download This Link.. Anyone For That Matter

    There's no "cheating" as nobody is claiming this mix to be a live DJ set... Ludachrist is made up of two people, Knick and Dr. Boardman, and they openly state that Bangest is a studio production. When they play live together, they set up a few laptops running Ableton and a small collection of MIDI gear. In a live, club setting they are mixing everything on-the-fly. This really shouldn't be compared to what Z-Trip and DJ P did with Uneasy Listening, as that was 100% vinyl, no effectors or warping software to help with beat or pitch matching... but at the same time, Uneasy Listening was similarly a planned studio project and not a live recording...
  9. House music stronger than ever in Vegas?

    House events at the Icehouse have (again) stopped. Revolution Lounge is now 100% house on Sun-Mon-Tue nights. Here's a modified list... Tue: Revolution Lounge Wed: Body English then Seamless Thur: VooDoo then Empire Fri: The Downtown Lounge then Jet or Barcode then Drai's or Empire Sat: Jet then Drai's or Empire Sun: Revolution Lounge then Drai's Mon: 3400 @ Jet There other spots you can hit for some of those nights (e.g. the terrace Pure) but this is what I'd recommend for the house heads.
  10. Halloween in Vegas

    With Halloween on a Wednesday this year you might be out of luck, aside from a few private events. All the big events, like the annual Fetish & Fantasy Ball are the weekend before.
  11. Any cool house parties in vegas this wknd?

    Check out any of the dozen or so other threads that address this topic...
  12. Vegas - New Years Eve!

    So... in other threads you were asking people for a ton of advice and opinions, but aren't willing to spend a few minutes to contribute anything about your experiences over the weekend?
  13. october 12,13 party find challenge..help

    Doesn't matter the weekend, Fridays and Saturdays are always banging at the top clubs in Vegas. As for special events and parties, with the exception of mega-holidays like Labor Day, it's very rare for clubs to announce promotions and special guests more than a week or two out. Skim through the forum here and look for threads that have a lot of replies with subject lines like "recommendations" and "where to go." There's a TON of information and opinions here. If you have more specific questions then please respond to one of those threads... otherwise no point in everyone saying the same things over and over and over and over again...
  14. any house clubs in Vegas?

    There are quite a few places in Vegas to satisfy your house jones. There are a TON of threads in this forum about house music, just use the "search" function to search within this part of the site... here's a few threads that can start you off http://bbs.clubplanet.com/las-vegas/329483-house-music-stronger-than-ever-vegas.html http://bbs.clubplanet.com/las-vegas/327727-finding-house-music-avoiding-hip-hop.html
  15. Tony Touch At Tabu Super Slide Sunday

    No offense to Tony as the guy's been doing some serious work for 15+ years... but come on, enough with the trash talk about DJs that use digital equipment. Your boy Tony isn't exactly a stranger to laptops and CDJs either.