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  1. Victor caldefookingRone saturday

    lookin foward to chumbo
  2. crobar NY October Line-Up!

    its great to see satoshi and superchumbo back, i cant wait for both of those nights.
  3. crobar MAY Line-Up!

    thank god for sanchez
  4. Axwell

    very nice
  5. Tom Stephan (Superchumbo) @ SHOW!!

    chumbo def. needs to be a resident in nyc, i havent missed one of his partys in years, i dont care for show too much, but hes worth goin
  6. Code Red @ Pacha NY, Saturday 8th

    wow nice line up, when is Luca goin on? and will jaimy spin be4 or after?
  7. def. when a dj takes you on a trip, and starts off with more relaxed stuff and keeps building up to harder nastier stuff, and also great djs must have a wide spectrum of styles, have a few tricks up their sleeves and teasing certain big tracks is def a plus too
  8. vibe was insane, i wish he spun here more often, i loved the massive 107, with whatever he was playing over it, great night all together
  9. Element

    cool club, this fri 3/17 frank maurel is going to be there, hes really good, plays great tribal tracks, i never seen him live though, i'll prob. check him out
  10. Whos Your Top Top 5 DJ's

    my top 3 always the same roger sanchez, superchumbo, and chus. #4 clamaran, #5 kobbe & leeds
  11. i will def. go to this, i love all there productions, i just posted i couple days ago some club in nyc should bring them in, good stuff.
  12. roger is just the man i dont care what type of room he plays, i just knew this party was going to be unreal before i even left my house
  13. JP Bday / Exit Reunion / CP meet up

    too many great parties this week to even consider this one, sanchez tonight, zabs fri., and chus & ceballos sat., 3 nights in a row is tough enough.
  14. promoters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i would love to hear him, def. tops my list of djs i havent seen live, also kobbe & leeds would be great in nyc