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  1. Scottish Based, but internationally renowned record label Flygaric Tracks are going from strength to strength - signing up some of the worlds most acclaimed house producers. This, their seventh release, which will be out in all good record stores by end of January 2005 is by Swedish house legend Markus Enochson . Markus was born in 1975 and has been writing and producing music since childhood. With a strong soul and jazz sensibility, Markus has created his own unique blend of house music that is easily recognized. The last couple of years have been exciting for Markus with collaborations with James Ingram and the Masters at Work on "Lean on Me" and the release of his own productions, "I am the Road" and "Feeling Fine" on Louie Vega and Kenny Dope's label MAW and "Musical Prayer" on Wave to mention a few. New productions continue to get great support and collaborations with new labels such as Sonar Kollektiv, Especial and many more cater for a great future. Markus has been an integral part of the house music culture in Sweden and proven himself on the international DJ arena. His music crosses the traditional genre distinctions in dance music culture whether they be house or techno. When Markus is not busy in the studio, he's most likely spinning records in Stockholm or abroad... anyway, here’s a little more about the release… Crazy Pitch – Original mix Kicking off and kicking back with a spazmodic broken beat, Markus Enochson hints at a melody with soft keys before firing a volley of Atari-esque vibes to open Crazy Pitch. Close behind follows a vocal blend of Hip-hop & Funk and a bass line that freaks out the whole track. With a smooth vocal breakdown and a user-friendly breakbeat section, this track could make the dead dance. Crazy Pitch – The Freaks Psychoredo 4x4 beats and techy hats nail The Freaks mix to the dancefloor. The freaky madness continues as spooky Tech-electro melodies are layered up to create a dark, funky vibe that refuses to get too serious about itself. This one's for the club and has breaks in all the right places begs to shake a sound system near you. Crazy Pitch – Rulers of the Deep Remix The Rulers Of The Deep mix strikes a more Dubby tone and introduces minimal, Afro-latin percussion to full effect. Chords jump out to deliver stabs from beneath the cover of haunting string lines and deep beats give a dirty, carnival atmosphere to this track. With vocals, acid licks and melody aplenty, this is a seven minute, unbroken groove. Crazy Pitch – Community Housin’ Remix A funky, synth bass line is given an air of sophistication by layers of Jazzy keys which add a new dimension to Community Housin's take on Enochson's floor-wriggler. Crazy, joke-store whistles continue the twisted thread that seems to seep out of this track's every pore: crazy, dirty, shakin' floor-funk is the result. When asked to comment for the fly news on his latest release…. Enochson laughed and said ‘Buy my fuckin record!’