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  1. **playboy Pajama Party* @ Rumor**

    You don't want to be miss out tonight's hottest party in Boston. You'll be hitting yourself in the head tomorrow when your friends tell you about it.
  2. Boston on a Thursday night?

    Only cuz you're Solie's boy I won't say anything...lol
  3. Boston on a Thursday night?

    Wanna Come out and Play? Reduced Admission thru RSVP
  4. **playboy Pajama Party* @ Rumor**

    Oh you just gonna stand there huh? What you too cute to dance?...or you scared? COME OUT
  5. **Saturdays are back!!! @ ARIA**

    They still play house music...it's just in the back room.
  6. **Saturdays are back!!! @ ARIA**

    See, you'd think that....but no. They've been wanting Mogul to come over and we ffinally did. Go ask the managers at Aria if you don't believe me
  7. **Saturdays are back!!! @ ARIA**

    This Saturday @ ARIA From 11:00-12:00 Ladies 19+ Complimentary B4 12 DJ Thanos mixes Hip-Hop Guestlist Reservations Contact: Henry [email protected] AIM: HenryMogl 617-233-8257
  8. **FLOSS FRIDAYS @ Rumor**

    For $10 Reduced Cover, contact Me... by the way...I'm the only one who handles the tables at the door, so if you want to reserve a table it's best to go through me and you'll be seeing me tonight as well.
  9. $10 Reduced Cover on my guestlist before midnight
  10. **FLOSS FRIDAYS @ Rumor**

    Same deal this friday...let me know if you want to be on the guestlist
  11. **FLOSS FRIDAYS @ Rumor**

    Yeah, that's cuz we took over...lol...Next week will be special though...
  12. **FLOSS FRIDAYS @ Rumor**

    Great Ras, well anyone who needs to be on the guestlist let me know by 8:30 tonight..
  13. **FLOSS FRIDAYS @ Rumor**

    lol....ass....ok, you got jokes.
  14. **FLOSS FRIDAYS @ Rumor**

    you guys should definitely come then...Party's always hot
  15. MOGUL Events presents Hot N' Heavy Thursdays @ Thursday February 3rd Ladies free B4 11 Info/Guestlist Reservations Contact: Henry [email protected] AIM: HenryMogl 617-233-8257