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  1. Dress code question....

    It looks like we are going to "try" to hit PURE, OPM, Tang, and for the first time for me Drais. This will be my 9th time in Vegas and I have yet to make it over to Drais. Usually get caught up in too many other things that keep me from making it there at that time of the night. I will make a point out of it on this trip for sure.
  2. Dress code question....

    Thanks for the help guys. I will pass the word along to the rest of the group. Hey jj, whats up...I'm coming from Grand Rapids, MI. The weather here is a nightmare right now. I can hardly wait till my plane touches down. You must love it in Vegas. Nice weather and people all year round. Hands down, my favorite place to travel.
  3. Dress code question....

    Heading to Vegas this Thursday through Sunday, I can hardly wait!!!! I got BillLe's number, so my group plans on using him for VIP hook up which is cool. The question that some of us are having is what dress code is used at different areas?? When we look at lot of the pics on Napkinnights it shows most of the guys are wearing jeans with a stylish shirt to go along with it. Can you really get away with jeans at most places? I would hate to get all the way over to the club and not be able to get in. Any fashion help would be greatly appreciated... What's the skinny on Risque?? I haven't read any reviews on the club at all. The only reason I am asking is I am staying at Paris, and thought I might check out the seen there..