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  1. Saturday June 9th / Dirty Disco at Pawn Shop with this weeks monthly event: POP ART Doors open at 10 pm and how great is that when the OPEN BAR runs from 10 - 12 (you must be on the list to enjoy it). Take advantage, but its not all free. TIP THE BARTENDERS! You're invited to come and play with us... Be my guest and sign up on my GUEST LIST for DIRTY DISCO THIS WEEK. Sign up here You can see pictures from last weeks festivities in the galleries.
  2. WMC Pics here on CP..

    Hey CP people.... I've just uploaded my CP Pics from WMC: - Back Door Bamby with Peaches, Larry T and Gregg The Pharmacist Foreman - Scion Party Day 1 with Ben Watt, Kraak & Smaak, Kutmah - Scion Party Day 2 with The Rub (Eleven, Ayres, Cosmo Baker), Justice, Andy Smith - Yacht Party with Tommy Sunshine and Sasha and John Digweed - And Clubplanet.com & Remix Pool Parties. Look in Miami Galleries under nefariousgirl I didn't take enough because I was WAY TOO busy dancing. Enjoy! Jipsy
  3. The 4th ANNUAL 80s PROM PARTY - $5 only!

    PS: PICS WILL BE ON www.nefariousgirl.com and RIGHT HERE ON CLUBPLANET!! Sorry you won't make it mama.
  4. The 4th ANNUAL 80s PROM PARTY - $5 only!

    check www.nefariousgirl.com for more information as I am part of the prom committee. Take advantage of the weather and enjoy 80s WINTER GEAR. faux fur, real fur - (fierce bitches) Members Only - (hipster chic / total geek) bomber jackets - (Bangie Boys / Bangie Girls) Sheepskin jackets (same as above) leg warmer (flashdance) preppy sweaters (like omg) ski bunnies (PLENTY OF 80s SKI GEAR OUT THERE) Thanks for reading: Jipsy xoxoxoxoxo
  5. Electroclash & Clothing

    NEFARIOUS GIRL We have pictures from club nights in Miami. We also have clothing, accessories, shoes, CD's and tech stuff.
  6. Electroclash Clothing

    N E F A R I O U S G I R L We have club night pictures from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale & sometimes NY & LA. Check us out, we have an auction for clothing, shoes, accessories and tech stuff.
  7. Nefarious Girl - Anti trend style We have clothing, accessories, shoes and tech stuff. We also have pictures from club nights in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and NYC. http://www.nefariousgirl.com