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  1. LA need some help

    L.A. I need some help if anyone could fill this out it would help a whole bunch to make you nightlife better thanks in advance...... Age: Ethnicity: Gender: Occupation: 1. How many times a week do you go out? 2. What nights do you usually go out on? 3. Which do you prefer to go to clubs or bars? 4. What are your favorite places to be on a night out (specific clubs and/or bars)? 5. What are areas do you usually go out to (i.e. Hollywood, Santa Monica, Melrose, Downtown)? List in the order you prefer. 6. Do you usually go by yourself or with other people? How many people do you usually go out with? 7. Is carpooling on a night out something you would say you do often? 8. How many people on average ride in your carpool? 9. Do you find something else to do after the event (i.e. after-party, eating at a restaurant, another event lasting longer, etc)? 10. Do you buy drinks while in the club/bar? If so, how many drinks would you say you buy on average? 11. Do you prefer to buy drinks while out or drinking beforehand (or both)? 12. If you drink before going out that night, what do you like to drink? 13. If someone else was driving would that affect where you would go? 14. Do you usually get on the guest list to the club your going to that night? Also, what is the average you pay to get in to a club? The maximum? 15. Depending on who will be at the event that night (i.e. celebrity, musical guest, particular DJ, radio station, etc) does this impact your choice at all? If so, please explain why. 16. Does the dress code affect what places you go out to? If so, please explain why?