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  1. Any1 faimliar with this brand? I love how vibrant the shirts colors are. Any1 know of anything similar to this style, maybe a lil cheaper?
  2. Barber near plainview, Long Island?

    lol. Okay, Supercuts it is.
  3. Barber near plainview, Long Island?

    hempstead? Isnt that like a ghetto neiborhood or something. So any1 know anything around roosevelt field mall? Where does every1 get their haircut on Long Island!
  4. Hello every1. I just have a quick question for you. I live in plainview long island, and I have always had a abrber in bklyn. But now I want to find something local. Any1 know of any good barbers around the area that do good tape ups, and other things as well? I am willing to go as far as roosevelt field mall. Thanks every1.