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  1. Amsterdam-Needs advice

    Check www.link2party.nl, I live in Holland so if you want adivec PM me
  2. amsterdam

    It's so easy in amsterdam, i live in Amsterdam and i am dutch you can buy it every where in the clubs. For great parties check www.link2party.nl
  3. Clubs in NY

    Guys, thanks for all the info. If you have more suggestions please post them. To the Mask : very detailed post thanks. I think I will go to the Spirit and if I have time I will visit the Crobar. Roger Sanchez I will see him this year in Ibiza and Morillo is visiting Amsterdam on the 5th of March. If you are interested vist www.link2party.nl, that's how we dutch people party !!!
  4. Clubs in NY

    Hi, I am a dutch guy ( I live in amsterdam) and I must be in NY for my work. Can somebody please tell me what are great clubs over there ? The music that I like ( Morillo, Roger Sanchez). Iwonder if somebody can tell me the right places and better if they can show them to me so that I can meet other people. Carlos