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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the message board post about Poetry/OPM. You have helped me in the past with regards to clubs to hit up while in town. R u still spinnin at Poetry? How can we get on the guestlist for Sat. night 12/6? You have anyone I should contact? What's the best time to come so we do not have to stand in a huge line?



  2. Where are some good Hip Hop Clubs??

    My girlz and I will be hittin up Vegas on Dec. 4-7. We used to go to OPM every time we are in town. I hear that OPM is no longer. Where can we go that is about the same kind of crowd and music?
  3. In town this weekend 12/14-12/17

    Hello board, It's been a long time. It's time for my annual visit and looking for places to hit up. As always we will be hittin OPM (the best Hip Hop club in Vegas) Friday and probably Sat. night as well but wanted to see if there might be any new clubs that are up there with OPM. I doubt it but it's worth a try. Let me know. Can't Wait!! I'm counting the minutes!
  4. Friday night in Vegas 12/9/05

    Hey, My girl and I will be in Vegas next weekend for her birthday. Looking for a club to hit up Friday night. I already got Sat. night covered (OPM you guys are off tha hook! We will be in the house lookin sexy as ever). We like the crowd and the music at OPM on Sat. night, would like to hit up a spot like OPM on Friday. Any suggestions?? Don't really like house music, R&B and Hip Hop only! Help a sista out! Calikarab
  5. What's happening Superbowl Weekend?

    Thanks DJ, I'll definately be hittin you up. I can't wait, I am sure the weekend will have a lot in store. Later! Kara
  6. What's happening Superbowl Weekend?

    Hey djmasterweb, When I was in Vegas in Dec. we checked out OPM and loved it. You think a girl and her friend may be able to get some hook up? It's my birthday!!! Can a sistah get on the guest list for Sat. 2/5/05? My name is Kara Brown and my girl's name is Sheneen Brown. Let me know! Thanks for the advice on SRO, we have been there also but that was a few years back. I hear that you do need a bullet proof vest for that scene now a days. Kara
  7. What's happening Superbowl Weekend?

    I will be in town for Superbowl weekend for my birthday and plan on partying big time. I have some ideas of where to go like Thursday night we will be at Ra and Sat. night we will go to OPM, but where should we go Friday night? Any suggestions. We like hip hop and R&B music and the urban crowd. Any suggestions would be appreciated.