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  1. rabbit never dissapoints especially at large events
  2. Tiesto @ WMC??

    thats what happens when an artist thinks they r bigger than the scene!
  3. George Acosta

    hit his site. i used to be a huge fan like many other locals. his site should give some appearances.
  4. Support The Rabbit

    thats cool that u listen.
  5. Support The Rabbit

    on the local radio show on 560 wqam (neil rogers). he is having a poll on ur fav band. rabbit in the moon is on there, show some support. http://www.neilrogers.com/ the poll is on the bottom of the page.
  6. first ultra was on the beach with only about 8thousand people. rabbit in the moon and union jacks headlined. the second one was on the beach also had about 15thousand people, it was to damn packed. had sasha and digs, ritm to name a few on the mainstage. the event was all out of order they ran out of water and did not have no time schedule. third they moved to the amphitheater off of the beach. it was a total flop the place was pretty much empty. fourth one got back on track and its history ever since. dont know shit about the history of wmc. i started attending the first year of ultra. i was a vendor for two and three and the people that i dealt with are no longer with the organization. hope this helps a little.
  7. Wmc 2006 ?

    every year the say the same shit. they have been saying las vegas for the past five years.
  8. The Crystal Method confirmed for Ultra 7

    hook it up where did u get that set?
  9. The Crystal Method confirmed for Ultra 7

    yes i have to confirm with that. even though that year i left the theater towards the end of tiesto's show to go catch the ending of rabbit in the moon and had a hard time getting back in for underworld. luckily i was able to catch most of their show. which to this date i would i have to say was the best live show i have seen at ultra. last year started out real strong with junkie and it had a good flow but oakie and the chems were to slow. the chems really picked up towards the end of their set. pvd ended it right as usual.
  10. The Crystal Method confirmed for Ultra 7

    the last time they played ultra was three years ago and they were on as the sun was setting on the mainstage. the lineup was good that year on the mainstage great flow. from what i can remember tcm was on around 5, then sander k, oakie, george acosta, bt, tiesto, pvd! bt was a little too slow after ga and lost the vibe slightly but that year was tiesto first year and he picked it up. good times ,
  11. ANY GOOD LIVE P.A.s?

    by far the best live performance on the mainstage last year. http://www.radiojxl.com/ go under videos and blast quick time link.
  12. ANY GOOD LIVE P.A.s?

    junkie xl, jackal & hyde, rabbit in the moon, moby and that is just what comes to mind
  13. envy is a true crack house dark and filled with miami junkies