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  1. Limo service

    Really?, can you PM with some info.
  2. Limo service

    Anybody know of a good limo service that they can refer me to?
  3. Saturday April 23

    I'm a huge House music fan and I was wondering what would be the best spot to be at on Saturday April 23 for some banging house music? Normally I would assume to check out ICE, but I'm not impressed with their DJ lineup for that night. Any suggestions? If not, then I can settle for a spot with some decent Top 40 BS and EDM.
  4. ICE nightclub

    Looking to plan a birthday bash in April and I would like to check out ICE. I would like to set up VIP bottle and table service, etc. Can anybody help out with this?
  5. Good spot to go tonight!

    Any suggestions?