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  1. Hey- I'm getting emailed this flyer which says: "Everyone who is ON THE GUESTLIST and enters before 11PM will receive a voucher for 2 free airline tickets to almost anywhere. Exotic destinations, great beaches, water sports, entertainment. The choice is yours..." Is this true? I can't imagine they're handing out free airline tix at the door!
  2. ooops - already was given away!
  3. Storm Daniels and Audio Bullys?
  4. Alex Neri

    Anyone know if he'll be there this year? Thanks!
  5. Yes, that's the other really weird thing. I called the Royal, and they claim they are under different ownership and not associated with the Edison! And they're mad that they get calls every day because of Edison saying they're the sister hotel. Well I think the Edison has fallen thru so I'm making other arrangements.....
  6. Hi- I had a reservation here for WMC, but now the website says closed for renovation and I can't get thru to anyone on the phone. Seems a little strange... Anyone know anything about this?? Thanks!