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  1. what song - I got the pill????

    there are a few (2003 mix, vocal mix) but IMO if you like the fuzzy hair already then anything else will be a letdown..... here's link to download fuzzy hair mix if you don't already have it: CLICK ME
  2. what song - I got the pill????

    thanks that was it and yes the fuzzy hair mix is the one !!!!!
  3. this should be easy to ID, it is in heavy rotation at mainstream clubs right now along with global deejays stuff and "one word..." it has a female vocal that I think says "cause I got the pill" followed by 3 heavy descending bass notes.... I know not much to go on but it is really popular, hoping someone figures out what the hell I'm talking about
  4. I'm sure I'm going to get hated on for this post... I'm looking for some songs/dj's/albums that are full of epic uplifting trance music, lots of synth any help would be greatly appreciated - even if you aren't into that stuff THANKS
  5. I like a lot of club music, more thumping tracks than anything else - it occurred to me I really have no idea what the difference is between trance, house, techno, electronica, tribal etc. I think I do but I would love to know for sure!!! Can someone define and list on good song that is an example of each type??? T H A N K S
  6. Help with track name.....

    thanks a lot bro - that has been in my head for 2 years! going to order the single now!!!
  7. anyone have this mix of Since U Been Gone I keep hearing is supposed to be so good? or Jason Nevins mix? WinMx = no results......
  8. Help with track name.....

    I was in South Beach 2 years ago and the dj had a white label house track - it was mixed with an old song by George Benson - "On Broadway" (sounds retarded I know but it was hot). Haven't been able to find it anywhere since - anyone have a clue?