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  1. mystic tan

    I have very fair skin and I cannot go out in the sun or use regular beds either so I've done the mystic tan and it lasts for about 5 days and the more you go the more your skin will get used to it and it will last longer but you should try to do an hour in the sun with sun screen just to give your skin that sun exposure an hour won't burn you and it will help your base as well.
  2. Curly hair or straight?

    I have naturally wavy hair and for a long time I always wanted it straight, until recently and I find myself leaving it wavy and curly more often then I will do my hair straight. Curly, and crazy gives your hair some personality!
  3. MAC Make-up

    I use almost all MAC makeup and my favorite gloss is the lipglass Nymphette it has a great shine and although it can be sticky it lasts a really long time and keeps my lips very soft.