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  1. How did you hear it was going to be called stereo?
  2. My sources tell me that the Coral Room on 29th street has closed/been shut down and is in the process of being renovated and plans on reopening in October. I heard that the owners of NV (who also got shut down) are the new owners and will be opening it up as NV. I drove past there last Saturday night and it was indeed closed and a drive by during the day did show that some type of construction is taking place. Any one have any news on this? What happened with that rape, did the girl sue? I know it was a shit hole and nobody really cares if it closed or not but, if its going to be a whole new vibe with new owners than maybe it is something to discuss?
  3. So what happened with Richard Grant's Trial?

    Richard Grant or Queen Richard as I call him, has nothing to do with the new SF. It is being opened by Eddie Dean, the guy who owns Disqotheque and his partner Matty Johnson who owned the Kit Kat Club in times square and now own a piece of sushi samba. Gatien was arrested, jailed and then deported. He will not be coming back to the US anytime soon. Queen Richard is a US citizen and cannot be deported but, he can be jailed and if found guilty he will be prohibited from ever opening a club or having a liquor license again.
  4. Cain?

    Its considered to be one of NYC's hottest clubs but, personally I think the place is weak. Yes, it is pricey but, no more so than the other "hot" clubs. The theme is African Game Lodge with a stuffed antelope or something above the DJ booth. The room is very small, the ceilings are low, the dancefloor is sunken and on more than one occasion I have seen women in heels get stuck in the cracks of the dancefloor and wipe out. A single bar is on the right side and the bathrooms are all the way in the back. The design was moronic. With only 1 bar that is so crowded you cant move, the only way to walk thru the club is right up the dance floor. See it once and then say you've been there. Nothing more to say about the place.
  5. Avalon is a fine choice but, its not as big as Crobar nor does it havce as many levels and seperate rooms. I am uncertain of the Avalon door policy but, I am fairly certain it is similar if not identical to Crobar. It is the former Limelight and for all intents and purposes, is identical to the way it was before but with a cosmetic facelift. Crobar was never a club before so it is entirely new and if you already saw Limelight, which was around in the Tunnel days, then I figured ou would want to see something new. Your original post asked for the "the biggest club with the hottest music" and that title belongs to Crobar. It is bigger than Avalon and has bigger name DJ's on a regular basis. Why not see who's DJ'ing at both clubs on the night you arrive and decide on which Dj you prefer? Both places hire big name DJ's so on any given night one may be "hotter" than the other but, Crobar will always be the bigger room.
  6. Why House Music shouldnt be commercialized

    Of all of the music genres, House is geared towards drugs. Lets be honest about it. I dont mean drug "talk" or "sales" as is the focus of Rap music lyrics, I mean that House music attracts patrons who enjoy taking drugs to get into the mood. That said, few clubs want to risk getting shut down because some patron overdoses or multiple X dealers run rampant in their club selling as much as they can carry and they get shut down for being a "drug haven". This segways into why HM will never be commercial or big on the radio because the casual listener isn't rolling all day and night and if they arent, a very small percentage of HM listeners would bother just "listening". Certainly some would but, the vast majority would not. Plus, its got very fast BPM and the tempo makes you want to dance which also isnt condusive to casual listening at work or in the car.
  7. Honestly, the only club where you are certain to get in to and that fits your description is Crobar. They have NO door policy, everyone with 20 bucks and proper ID is admitted. Huge room, actually multiple rooms and floors, always good music, some nights I dare say GREAT music, its straight and not gay, and yes tunnel is closed now for many years. Personally, I find the place revolting only because the guy/girl ratio is like 7-1 and that is because of the door policy. Add to that the fact that ANYONE can get in and the crowd is primarily "ugly". No celebrities or models would set foot in this place and even without "those" types, the crowd is what I call "C" level. A and B being best and C being pretty bad. It is mostly white, middle class, but some spanish and few blacks. For what its worth thats my take on it.
  8. Did you Hear? RAPE at Coral Room!!

    First off, bathroom attendants can be verbally insulted just like bouncers, doormen, DJ's and waitresses. If you are so terribly offended by that then get off of a public forum. I personally dont insult any of them but, thats the risk you take when you work in a nightclub and patrons post openly on message boards. How many threads are there on nasty doorpeople or abusive bouncers? And while you may THINK they work for chumpchange, they make tips and sometimes that works out to HUNDREDS of dollars a night in a hot club with big spenders and long lines. That said.. Coral Room isn't shady, they are just incompetent. I never understood how people with no backround in nightclubs or the bar business for that matter, could just open up a club in NYC and expect people to show up. Get a clue! The nightclub business in NY is ferocious with every single cross section of society represented somewhere as well as every type of music. In case you didnt know there are clubs in New York City for: ROCK RAP HOUSE PUNK DANCE 70'S/80'S/90'S MUSIC LOUNGE TRANCE PUNK and so on.. There are over 500 clubs looking for: EUROS MODELS BOTTLE BUYERS SPANISH BLACK INDIAN CHINESE GAY LESBIAN ROCKERS and so on. My point is that the Coral Room is one of those places that has no identity. Some nights is Under 21, some nights its spanish, hip hop, black, "guido"/bridge & tunnel and so on. Add to that the complete inability to run/operate and manage the club..well that makes a recipe for disaster. Only problem is that once its built, the cost of operation is very little, especially if you are doing no business and all you need to pay is rent. This club should not be around and will most likely close/be shut down within 90 days. With the current situation of no business, poor management, legal concerns/lawsuits, bad press, no promoters, vicious competition, neighborhood complaints (now), legal bills, tickets/violations etc.. I cant see how or why they wouldnt just sell the place or cut and run before this girl sues them all for millions.
  9. Did you Hear? RAPE at Coral Room!!

    I dont think its very funny but, at least anyone that goes there should be aware of what has transpired.
  10. Did you Hear? RAPE at Coral Room!!

    It was on Fox 5 news last night. I didnt make it up and Im not "hating" on anyone. I cant verify the source of a newscast on local TV but, it was broadcast on the 10PM news and is most likely in the paper today. You gotta be some kind of sicko to cry rape because your man got thrown out. In fact, even a brain dead coke head would have to know that police would get involved and if shes lying she will be the one thrown in jail. The alledged bathroom attendant (not bouncer according to fox 5) was named Moulaye Diakite, a nigerian native. The article mentions "brutally raped" and I have no idea how someone could get brutally raped without sustaining injury of some kind that is not self inflicted. Sure the club will deny it as will the clubs lawyers, have you ever seen one NOT deny it? I dont know if its true or not, but its in the news. Just like a murder or an assalt, if its in the news it "happened". We cant do testimony backround checks on all stories. Personally I bleieve something happened and we will know in short time if the Police proceed agains the club or against the victim. See the link: http://www.nydailynews.com/05-17-2005/news/story/310189p-265430c.html
  11. It was on the news last night that a girl, perhaps underage, was RAPED inside the Coral Room on Satuday Night. What makes it worse was that an employee of the club, allegedly the bathroom attendant, was the one who pulled her into a stall and raped her. Nice place that Coral Room. I went there once and knew something shady was going on. It felt like there was no security and anything goes. I even warned people in a thread titled "the officially worst club in NY is.." I feel so sorry for that poor girl and I hope she sues the shit out of them, the attendant, the landlord and anyone else she can. Sick people in this world.
  12. Is Hector Romero this Friday?

    In my opinion Hector is one of the best Dj's in the country. He is still relatively "unknown" when compared to the big name Dj's but his talent and abilities are second to none. I will go wherever he is to hear him play. nuff said.
  13. The Officially WORST Club in NYC is....

    No girl with a mouth like that can look like that..just not possible.
  14. The Officially WORST Club in NYC is....

    How Funny is this... On page 6 in todays NY Post (actually on page 10) there is a mermaid suing the Coral Room for making her sick from swimming in the tank. She claims it was filled with fish "poop" and that the tank doesnt have the proper equipment needed to filter it out. Guess I wasnt the only person who got sick from going there. http://www.nypost.com/gossip/pagesix_u.htm TEMPEST IN A MERMAID TANK A MERMAID who used to swim inside the 10,000-gallon aquarium at Coral Room is spilling her gills about fishy working conditions at the Chelsea hot spot. Nina Stotler, 25, says the water inside the titanic tank was clouded with fish droppings and debris, and claims Coral Room did not have the proper equipment to keep it clean. "You opened your eyes in there and you could see the fish poop," Stotler told PAGE SIX. "But the biggest problem was the dirt on the bottom of the tank — if you touched it, it would kick up all the dirt and stuff. The water wasn't filthy, but it definitely wasn't clean." She also said that mermaids were urged to make their own skimpy costumes — complete with tails — and spent time "shivering on some wooden planks above the tank" between swimming sets. But Coral Room mouthpiece Gabrielle Bernstein says the tank was scrubbed clean every day, and "90 percent" of the mermaids hired at the club's opening are still there. And the mermaid lounge has been upgraded since Stotler quit in 2003: They've got beanbag chairs up there, they've got tea kettles for the girls," Bernstein said. "They've created a nice, comfortable place for them to hang out between swim sessions."
  15. The Officially WORST Club in NYC is....

    I think it is safe for us to all assume that China Club, Light and Coral Room are all terrible places and should be avoided at all costs. I too have been to China Club and it is up there with the worst of them but, at least the room is somewhat "ok" and the sound system is also "ok". But, that Coral Room was just about the worst place I have ever been to across the board. Bad room, bad sound, horrible crowd..just horrific. I've said my peace and given my warning so anyone that goes does so at their own risk.