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  1. anyone know the dress code at this place? saw people wearing t-shirts in pics online. sneakers/shoes?
  2. Sat Jan 26th

    Looking for a new spot to check out in ny sat Jan 26th for my bday. 1.Pink Elephant 2.Touch 3.or just go to Pacha haha Can anyone give some ifo/reviews of the first two? what can I expect? thanks
  3. Freeze who is this guy???

    that dude is rediculous.
  4. Help

    Just seeing if someone would be nice enough to hook me up with a couple tracks. I tried to buy them on beatport but I couldn't find the PB one and the other one they wouldn't allow for some strange reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nelly Furtado-say it right (Peter Bailey Mix) Roger Sanchez- Not enough (Lee Cabrera Mix)
  5. Stars and Stripes Pre-4th Bash @ Roxy, Fri 6/29

    whats the deal with the roxy? i heard they are changing the name etc.
  6. what is going to take over the spot?
  7. Admission fees, club entry, etc. question

    dont waste your money. Read the fine print.
  8. Finding House music... avoiding hip-hop

    Tabu might not be a bad idea. I walked by a couple times over MDW and the beats were pumping and there was always a long line. Might be worth a shot for a lounge. I'm going to check it out next time. The roof top terrace at Caesars is pretty cool. Might want to get a table though. It was so packed I could barlely move without bumping into people. Then again it was MDW. Jet is cool but the house music room was kinda small. Still worth checking out imo. Empire, Def my fav spot for afterhours. Plenty of room and a cool outdoor roof deck with a dj. Checked out Mix, the view alone is worth it. Although they were playing all hip hop when I was there. If all else fails...get really drunk and you wont remember the music anyway!
  9. ~DJ Steve Aoik at Gypsy Bar - June 22~

    I think that guy sold me a gremlin before.
  10. Tenaglia @ Pacha ID

    sounds like dibiza. wheres stymie?
  11. dress code???

    How could you not feel more comfortable in a tshirt and pumas? I understand there are some clubs that I will have to dress up a little . But my question was, which clubs can I wear a tshirt.
  12. dress code???

    What about all black pumas?
  13. dress code???

    Nice! I see things have loosened up a little. I remember someone asking this question before a while back and everyone giving him shit for wanted to wear a t-shirt. If you look neat and stylish I don't see what the big deal is. Sometimes I just feel more comfortable rockin a T. Thanks for the info guys.
  14. dress code???

    anybody besides this jerkoff?? I've worn t-shirts to 54, empire and ice. Just wondering about the others.
  15. dress code???

    what clubs can you wear t-shirts in?