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  1. Happy Birthday Guccichic

    Thanks hun!!
  2. "COME PLAY" with us....

    "Commmeeee ouutt aanndd pllaayyy":pint:
  3. "COME PLAY" with us....

    Sounds awesome guys....Love the lektro mix!!!! Can't wait to see you perform at FUR in DC!!!! It's gonna be crazzyyy!
  4. Hair suggestions...

    Tiff, you did an awesome job and ur hair looked great! lol
  5. NEW TRACK! Masi & Mello Dub!!!

    Downloaded it and lovin it....god bless Beatport! lol
  6. 8/26/05 - Crobar

    Wow, last night was INSANE! Masi & Mello:bowdown: Your track selection was on pt. and me and my crew were dancin the whole night! You guys definitely repped Jersey! It was insanely packed in there! Thanks for the hook up at the door. Let me know when your next gig is.... *Btw- that new track "I wanna move" is bangin. Idk which i like better, the original or the dub.... Tiff- your performance was awesome. You girls looked great up there! Everyone was feelin it. Can't will till the song is released. When are you performing next? Anyway, great night last night....Crobar was the place to be:bounce: I'll be there again tonight for Sanchez!!!!! lol
  7. Palash and Behrouz at crobar 8/26

    Come check out Masi & Mello spin in the Prop Room as well and catch a performance by their artist, Tiffanie, singing the latest release off So Deep Music, "Come Play"!
  8. Morillo track

    love this track and its feel!
  9. Unhappy with highlights- any stylists??

    I've noticed that sometimes you have to let the color set in...like a few days after I really start to see my highlights but not so much after i get it done...i know it's wierd. The bottom line is that you paid good money and you want what you want...if they say they can see it just say, "you know what I'd feel more comfortable if you either lightened it a touch more or put a couple more in." You want what you paid for! good luck....
  10. Hair suggestions...

  11. Palash and Behrouz at crobar 8/26

  12. Can't wait to hear M & M drop "Freak it":bounce:Tiff- Good Luck, you're gonna do great!
  13. Also in the Prop Room, Record release party for So Deep Music; Dj's Masi & Mello will be spinnin and a live performance by Tiffanie singing their next release "Come Play" in honor of Crobar's "Play" Fridays! Check it out!
  14. Palash and Behrouz at crobar 8/26

    also in the Prop Room- Record Release Party for Masi & Mello; Guest Dj's Masi & Mello will be spinnin and a LIVE performance by their artist Tiffanie singing their next release "Come Play" in honor of Crobar's "Play" Fridays....Come check it out!
  15. Ac This Weekend

    cool....gonna be in AC sunday night and was wondering where the hot spots were....is their a list or is it not that busy sunday nights?