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  1. New member....

    I guess I'll follow the CP tradition and proclaim I am a new member. This is how I feel about this tradition: www.joesinger.com/you.swf Peace
  2. Madden challenge....

    Alright saturday is gametime. Someone take off their panties and challenge me. And this is what I think of Chad Pennington: www.joesinger.com/you.swf
  3. Madden challenge....

    Damn happyface I live up in Otown so I'll bet tolls, gas and a futon for u to sleep on if you can beat me- or just play online damn it. Da Bears? Hey bling- if you play bring it.
  4. Madden challenge....

    Hey I'm looking for challenge in Madden football on the PS2 cause I'm sick of playing all the ebonix talkin losers online. If you got any skills send me a message . I heard rumors that old Edgar V was alright so Edgar if you are lurkin around I will try not to run the score up on you.