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  1. Places to live advice?

    You might try renting for a few months; take some time to explore the ciity and see where you want to live. Most of the people I know, the longer they've been in Vegas, the farther from the Strip they live. That may be just because the new developments are all at the edge of town, but I know a lot of people who haven't been to the Strip in years. I also live in the northwest... it's a quick drive to the Strip (at night), close to Red Rock park, and is only about 25 minutes from the ski area. Good shopping areas, and I can always cross Rainbow going east if I want to slum it :-).
  2. TAO for Dinner?

    pretty damned good. We were pressed for time (had to go to a show), and the waitstaff did a great job of getting our dishes out to us quickly. Would have been much better if we had the time to enjoy the dishes and surroundings more leisurely... maybe next time!
  3. TAO for Dinner?

    When I went for dinner there, the only thing I got was an suggestion to wait in the VIP line so I could pay a non-discounted admission fee. Our dinner tab was around $300, and only two of us returned to the club to get in. But I suppose the most accurate and up-to-date information would be from the TAO restaurant itself... have you tried calling?
  4. jet compared to light

    My take on Light vs. Jet is: Light seems to be full of people really happy to be at Light. Not necessarily having a good time, but happy knowing they've made it "in". Kind of reminds me of some of the clubs in NYC I went to, where everyone in the place acted like they were too good for everyone else. Good comedy if you're into it. Jet on the other hand, has a nice spectrum of folks... people having a real good time dancing, people on the prowl for other like-minded partiers, bored people looking bored nursing their drinks... and a lot of really hot women (sorry can't comment on the guys, not a good judge of 'em). Lots of people being themselves having as good a time as they can. If you're going for the dancing, get to Jet as early as possible. By 12 it will be difficult to dance on the main floor, by 1 forget it. I should state that I've only been to Light and Jet on their locals' nights... the weekends might have a totally different crowd. But I can say that I probably won't be going back to Light anytime soon, even with the no-wait/no cover deal locals get on Sundays.
  5. Masterweb, Thanks for the pre-party on Wednesday. Not nearly as crowded as I imagined it was going to be. The bartenders kept the free drinks flowing as fast as we could drink them, and the Chinois staff kept bringing the food until we were stuffed. All in all, a great, great party. Nice music, nice people. Congratulations on the three years, here's to many more. <cheers> BTW, did I miss the email to wear white?
  6. Away from the main crowd

    I am a huge fan of the online (or phone) guest lists. For thursday, like greenie said above, rain is good. You can sign up for their guest list 6 days in advance at n9negroup.com. You have to get there before 11pm (or midnght?), but the staff is super cool and I've never had any problem getting in. Any day of the week (they're open) is a good nite at OPM. Masterweb's guest list is so nice I don't know why anyone waits in line there! The longest I wait in line I've had is to answer the question "how many in your party". I'm not a fan of hip-hop at all, and am waaaay too white-bread for the fri-sat nite crowd, but damn the music is sooo good, and the crowd so happy it's just a great vibe every time i've gone. And do what was mentioned above: look at all the guest lists online here at clubplanet, and also at napkinnights. You should be able to find something. But the best entry card is to show up with some hot women... I am always amazed at the difference in treatment I get when going out with just guys, versus when we have a set of really hot women with us.
  7. Vegas' Next New Hotspot!

    tao is where Jack's Velvel Lounge used to be in the Venetian.