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  1. i agree the US was wank... Donavan was a joke, no wonder he didnt make it in germany... John O'brien is a great player, he has had a tough 1.5 years with injuries. Is Damarcus Beasley gonna play against Costa Rica? i think he played his last game of the season for PSV today... Doesn't matter... HOLLAND IS GONNA WIN THE WORLD CUP ANYWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. yeh yeh.. UK TRANCE ALLIANCE http://www.uktrancealliance.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15243&st=0 enjoy it.. its a great set....
  3. rate the avatar above you

  4. The Masters

    2morrow (saturday) should be a great day of golf... still recovering from the wmc.. i'll be in front of the tv all day, with a few heinekens... watching the masters........ NICCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEE
  5. Ass!!!

  6. Pope John Paul II has died!

    RIP father
  7. Was anyone else disappointed with Ultra this year??

    ultra sucked because of the organization.. 1) one entrance to a 50,000 person event.. 2) not enough bars and ticket stands.. ( next time they should keep drink ticket stands and bars apart..) 3) not big enough venue for 50,000 people 4) camera policy 5) dj set times... (too many good dj's played too early) conclusion..... never again
  8. digweed @ pawn shop ..

    i thought it was in the miami arena
  9. Live Now! Trance Energy 2005

    http://www.slamfm.nl/?pid=119 they are going to broadcast it in a bit... they just said so in dutch
  10. Goodbye 94.9 Zeta....

    lets hope 93.1 is next...