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  1. JUNKIE XL w/ Eli Wilkie @ AXIS 3/30!

    u dont gotta print anything out right?
  2. Hush and Bons @ Rise 3/2

    Round 2 of the bi-monthly night: DEVIENT ORBIT friday: 03.02.07: RISE resident DJs/Producers Hush & Bons (Boston) + Soul Clap in the lounge 1:30am until 6:30am+ members: $10, guests: $20 RISE is a private, members-only club, not open to the public (NO exceptions). To be admitted, you must be accompanied by a member, which is possible via the guestlist for passes or guestlist email: http://[email protected] or http://www.myspace.com/halhavoc
  3. Have you ever lost your pants a club?

    i dunno what happened honestly, i totally blacked out, possibly dosed?? , but i def didnt shit myself lol. i dunno i do a lot of weird shit sometimes, but that was def a first
  4. Purenation Recap

    good to hear, i always liked deep dish production wise and live, but ive totally lost interest with thier luckluster sets full of 80's remakes and cheesy anthyms the last 2-3 years. still, i heard them throw down one of the best sets i ever heard at bal en blanc a fews years back that i wont soon forget
  5. Two pit tickets for 311 show at Tweeter this Sunday

    eh changed my mind..but hopefully see you there!
  6. Two pit tickets for 311 show at Tweeter this Sunday

    im already going to this, but if u still have it Jess....ill buy it
  7. Luke Fair @ Rise 6/23! Reversible Quarterly Launch!

    haha you guys are hillarious even when i feel like grim death. gotta get this thing turned around. RIIIIISE
  8. Lawler - Wasted Promo 2006

    yeah thats funny, all my Tiga mixes suck too (probobly the same ones) but the essential mix is good. thanks for the Lawler link
  9. diggers or sanchez???

    Chloe Harris http://www.further.org.uk/mixes/Chloe%20Harris%20-%20Warm%20Up%20For%20Diggers.mp3 i bet the Sanchez show will be more fun, but prior obligations have me at axis
  10. There is acid in my fridge

    thats the equivilent of winning the lottery to me. so where's the acid hidden?
  11. All Aboard the Porterhouse Express, To Montreal!!!

    we did this same thing my senior year in HS and it was a fucking blast to and from...i cant even imagaine nowadays with this crew. cant fuckin wait....also i believe for buses they come aboard and talk to each seat individually. they may search your bag but thats about it. this is a great idea
  12. Heather & Colette @ RISE 6/9/06!!!

    haha that dude is always buggin me, and he remembers me everytime which is even worse