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  1. yo who likes our party @ avalon now? ?? ?

    exactly..... i think alot of people are just so brainwashed with mainstream rap, and reggaeton which isn't that different if you look at it, but it all comes down to this false bullshyt ideology of fame,sex,money,power,etc
  2. how much are you selling it for ?? send me an email at [email protected], peace
  3. Saint Tropez

    i'm from France the north eastern part actually and i have to say that saint tropez is the part of france i'd stay away from,(unless u love the stylish,flashy/vip type of crowd and people) too many american celebs and high end living people go there, in my opinion thats one of the worst places to go look for amazing clubs...
  4. Tonight In Westchester!!!!

    nah i dont need to, by the way those type of parties are full of hacks, vip type of crowd and guidos, we need some change up here in westchester too much of the same bullshyt crowd that come to exploit and ruin the scene.
  5. badass movie trailer

    omg that movie looks pretty sick!!
  6. Tonight In Westchester!!!!

    this looks like shyt, considering its in westchester where i live... i rather stick to goin to that shelter party with Martin roth,Dj Eco then this shithole place.
  7. not starting rumors about KTU but

    Qlimax is gonna b on the 25th in a couple of days that shyt is absolutely nuts !!
  8. not starting rumors about KTU but

    i hear their in the works of bringing Sensation to NYC in 2007 so look out for that you never know
  9. not starting rumors about KTU but

    this is what they need to bring here in the US...
  10. not starting rumors about KTU but

    NICEE !!! its about damn time they got rid of that station... the only good EDM they would play on that station was on the weekends late at night anyways, the rest was garbage! U guys can't possibly be serious about loving that station though! i mean now is there chance to have a new name and have a brand new electronic music station which will finally play all genres of EDM, i think it would b so much more refreshin instead of playin that same diva house/ktu crap. It would def be better if they were to have european dj's and have special live sets from any european events from ID&T,Q-dance in Holland like Sensation (white/black),Qlimax,Q-base,Defcon1,Inqontrol, and Streetparade in Zurich...etc
  11. teen clubs?

    wow what kinda bullshyt is that!?? who's in charge of the club now then?
  12. teen clubs?

    wtf!!?? avalon reopened???
  13. Arrests At Crobar Last Night

    yep took the words right out of my mouth