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  1. What is the history of Ultra and WMC?

    The Winter Music Conference was started in 1985 by Louis Possenti and Bill Kelly. The attendance of the first WMC was 90 delegates, it now reaches over 4,500! The first WMC was held at the Marriot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Read more at the official WMC website- http://www.wmcon.com/
  2. Art Deco = Cheap crap with rainbow colors

    Actually Nightcrawler, not suddenly, or modern. Art Deco was a movement of the 1920's and 30's. Like most movements in the arts, it was representative of the culture at its time (think..the advent of TV, and women showing their KNEES in public) In your neck of the woods...NY's Empire State and Chrysler Buildings are 2 classic Art-Deco style skyscrapers. Remember, the degree of preservation, and restoration of the architecture of this era varies widely. And as you said, I don't think the Days Inn is probably a "historical landmark." Peace, Nancygroove