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  1. Attention Music Lovers 1.0 is here!!

    You have to check out www.burnlounge.com/ums They just launced 1.0 and it is AWESOME!!! You will find that particular song/album on this site plus independent artist! Become a retailer and sell/promote your own music and others!! www.burnlounge.com/ums
  2. Burn Lounge!

    There are going to be alot of Artist taking advantage of this opportunity! This network is only going to get bigger and bigger! There are already some big Artist signed as their own retailers. The % is just soooo much greater than signing with a record label.
  3. Burn Lounge!

    If you have not heard of Burn lounge please visit my page www.burnlounge.com/ums Burn Lounge is a D/L website consisting of more than 1.5 million songs belonging to Universal, Warner bros. BMG, EMI and Independent Artist. If you search for any artist or any song on this site chances are, you will find it. If you are an Independent Artist who is looking to profit of the music that you make, this site is for you! You can have burn lounge License your music which allows them to display your tracks on the website for sale and in return you earn 50% commission! Everyone who is a Burn Lounge retailer has the opportunity to sell your music $$$!! It's a win win situation. There is no catch! If you are interested learning more about this site you can visit www.burnlounge.com/ums and watch the commercial at the botton of the page or you can PM me.
  4. Guest DJs this Tuesday at Blue: 5-23-06

  5. So what about Brickell

    Raincry, You like peeing on girls????
  6. So what about Brickell

    What's up people! There will be a new club opening in the Brickell area called Bricks. I think it used to be Pure Lounge or something like that. TRANSIT LOUNGE!! it's only a stumble away from my crib and it has the cheapest drinks out of all the places!!
  7. Crobar:School of Clubbing 7 year reunion Party

    This should be interesting!
  8. the man who took 40,000 ecstasy pills

    40,000 = $$$$ he must of had his own lab.
  9. if you love house music

    Happy Birthday!! I will be spinning in Delray tonight so I will not be able to make it...Have fun and take a shot for me!
  10. Round 2 of the photochop!! LOL!

  11. Another WTF Moment!

  12. New Demo for D/L..

    What's up people!? It has been awhile since I posted on cp..I hope you all are doing well!! Enjoy! http://s51.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1UTM24C4BXOXX2DQFVAV9M6HYF
  13. Dance Music Is Back On Miami Radio !

    Funky House = Gay House...in my opinion:moon:
  14. bentley hotel

    are you hot? maybe we'll stop by...