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  1. Agreed. This is not at all what I would expect from Global Gathering. Here they had an opportunity to create an institutution in Miami that would of, at some point, rival Ultra. But, I guess not.
  2. My big FUCK YOU of the nite goes to...

    Agreed. Evil sons of Bitches.
  3. Damon, you [email protected]!+!!

    The problem with some DJs is like the problem with some religious leaders. Some start to believe that they are more important than the message. And that, my friends is the moment they screw it up for the rest of us.
  4. WinAMP users... hardstyle link

    hyper text transfer protocol
  5. Damon, you [email protected]!+!!

    LOL! But couldn't this be said of DJs in other genres?
  6. thinking about miami for spring break.....

    You have chosen...... wisely.
  7. What's with the flu going around???

    I had the same thing. No obvious cold symptoms, but I was really fatigued. Stay away from cold air (A/C). Chicken Soup from 'La Carreta' or similar, ginger tea will help clear you out because it's spicy and I second the use of Vitamin C. Stay home, stay warm. It will take a few days.
  8. It's all gone pete tong

    Sober: It was not the movie I expected by watching the trailers. It did, however show a different side of the life of a DJ and the potential pitfalls. Then end, however was a happy one as the main character found a place for himself. F*ked’up: Dude, this movie kicked ass!! The music was good, the clubs were jamming, and the bitches were hot. 5 stars!!
  9. Read Diaga latest interview

  10. Happy Birthday Manny (mjm)!

    Happy Birthday May your birthday celebration be in tru 420 style
  11. A new track I made

    It's all about the arrangement. What direction are you going in? What genre (s) are you focusing on? A different arrangement would make all the diference.
  12. A tip to the wise.

  13. Casting for the VMA'S 2005 MTV

    How about if you're short and balled?